Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Its the Alpaca Lips!

it's been a while since my last wee post. ruling the universe as a dysfunctional, manic, hyper spaz narcissist can be exhausting.  i've increased my nap schedule, no surprise there.

uncle freddie:  "Sammy, i don't see what the fascination is with alpaca lips, has the world gone completely mad?"

me:  "alpaca lips?  i think you mean: The Apocalyspe, Uncle Freddie"

" exactly, Sammy, what is the world coming too, when pet humans talk about them on the radio, write blog posts, are completely immersed in  pack animals' lips!??"

me:  "Freddie, they mean The Apocalypse.  T H E Apocalypse, you know?"

"i know, it's ridiculous, Sammy, i for one have much better things to do"

me: "is this why you called, to discuss a critter's lips? i'm trying to BBQ over here, and the dogs are out there howling for me to join them for a romp in the woods"

Uncle Freddie:  "well if you run across any alpacas, Sammy, check out their lips, and see if there's a story in all this. probably just another pet human craze. it'll die down. it's not like anyone is predicting the end of the world or anything...jeesh. alpaca lips.  it's crazy!"  and he hung up.

i have to convince him to get his hearing checked. 


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