Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Year Another Wiggle

i am not a real big believer in new years celebrations, driving drunk across the living room in my GI Joe Hummer is not a pleasant site - i might get pulled over by the dog, get a sniffalyser - the cat would mock me from her sofa'd perch.

why am i to put a lot of stock anyway in some date set by  gregorian monks 1700 years ago?  i heard they were all winos.

uncle freddie last night said:  "those new years resolutions, Sammy?  they're all crap"

but as am wont to do, i've had a chance to reflect and think about my attitude, the things i value most, like my chewed up plastic spoon, the super secret shiny wrapper collection under da sofa; the ice cream sandwich behind the clothes dryer - it's still there, nobody's pilfered it yet...

and i realize i really do have a lot to be grateful for

i've made it another year without actually doing anything important - which is vitally important. i'd hate to think that my reputation for napping was ever impinged

uncle freddie's getting grumpier, and older, and more feeble, but i am grateful for him shaping me into the ferret i am today, an honor to share a tea with him 

the dog didn't really enjoy her bowling ball i got her for Christmas last year, so this year, i gave her a frying pan.  she stared at me with those loving eyes, and I got a lick - that was impressive

the cat, well, let's just say i am grateful for the cat by paying it forward.  that one's on faith.

which pretty much goes for the pet human, i think it has issues, it will probably never really be much use to anyone without me; so i am grateful for the opportunity to be in charge, and keep everything in order.

lastly, i am grateful that i still believe in magic - the best things in life are what we decide to believe in;  and that i can still choose to be happy - no matter how many obstacles come my way.


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