Tuesday, March 20, 2012

i believe in Santa, fairies, magic wizards and Bigfoot

i believe in Santa, fairies, magic wizards, and Bigfoot …
i believe in the Decency and Dignity the Universe has bestowed on all of us
i believe we all have the courage to be happy in the face of adversity
i believe in my own magic, that i can inspire others to dream big
i believe that laughter heals most everything, takes the sting out of the evils of this world
i believe in everyone - even da cat who swats at me sometimes
i believe in the Great Pop Tart and he knows i mean well
i believe in forgiveness, redemption, and renewal
i believe in kindness, generosity, and love

i can lose all or give everything away, and i would firmly believe i am still blessed

Sam, Spring 2012


  1. I believe that I know I love you ~ this made this g-ma hit them waterworks (happy tears) once again this week.
    * * *
    I've now read it outloud to Taz, daughter has stolen Ms. Daisy and taken her to bed. Taz's big brown eyes tell me "Uncle Sammy sure can write." I'm @grammakaye on twitter

  2. "I believe in my own magic" Lovely. Thanks, Sammy!

    I tweet at @kbowenwriter

  3. I believe you have a perceptive insight into what matters in this life...together with the understanding to live life in harmony with yourself & your reality.Thank you for reminding me of some basic truths.~wiggle~wiggle

  4. I beleive in your smiles and the laughter you give me... and your ever forgiving soul of second chances and believing in people,

  5. I believe in dancing the weasel war dance.

    I tweet as @informedferret