Be A Guest Blogger

with 20k followers on Twitter, tons of writers on my timeline, a HUGE supporter of #WriterWednesday,  member of #BlogChat group on both Twitter and LinkedIn, and generally your all around town self absorbed, self centered, awesomely cute ferret - my therapist has recommended that i give back to the community...  since i will not part with any poptarts, and have no intentions of doing that, the very least i could do is to set up a system where you can cut/paste your blog entry and benefit from my network...  now, you're saying: "how does that benefit me?"  well, for one thing i will broadcast the URL to your blog posts through my Twitter account.  moreover, you can benefit by including up to three links in your article, so we'll make sure you get them filtering back to your blog.  

Your Contact Information WILL NEVER be sold, rented, distributed or in any way shape or form passed around to any persons, critters, websites, humans, animals, Mayan Aliens, any persons living or dead, politicians, snakes, Big Foot, Sasquatch, or anyone else for that matter.

Your "Comments" should include important information like your Blog's URL, Your eMail address so I can correspond with you, your phone if you wish to discuss editorial issues, like:  your post is so long winded, your own mother fell asleep before she finished it.

Some other things that help identify a reader with your blog post are:

A. Link to Your Blog
B. Photo or Avi
C. Links to Your Webpage
D. Reference Links within the Article ( Source Material )
E. What professional groups you belong to IE: LinkedIn BiPolar Depressed Writer's Group,
SuperHero's Twitter's Club of Magic Elves
F. Any other good stuff you think should be included...

I Want to hear from you, and get you networked with other writers and readers NOW, so