Monday, January 5, 2015

do we really need to see this

as a dyed in the wooly mammoth patriots fan for forty years, i have had to endure some pitiful moments.... my team was the worst!  year after year, my team was the laughing stock of sports...

if your team was having a three game slump, you HOPED the patriots were on your schedule, you were guaranteed a win, and you looked forward to going to foxboro to play the worst team in the NFL...

we are (at least this ferret is) a blue collar fan... that is to say, every game is expected to be a loss.. that is just part of the psyche, i  don't relish wins any more than i get disappointed by loss...

i don't get on my twitter and rant patriots wins, cheer, or brag... long time readers or followers will attest to that ~  you would never even know what team i support, since i have nothing to say in public about my team, they are a team, i am a fan, and that doesn't mean i should blast out every freaking victory like we just won the super bowl... as brady says: "well done is better than well said"...  not a bad quote for a jock

so i come to this week's sporting spectacle, and we have to endure "DALLAS NATION"  oh gosh... seriously?

must the dallas fans invade the internet and leave their mark on twitter and facebook and tell the world how great their team is?

can't they (obnoxious dallas fans) just accept that sports is often luck, and more often the entire spectacle can be attributed to a ref's call, or even a micro second of chance?  why relish a win anymore than be depressed over a loss?  it's a numbers game at best, and at worst, it's just a freaking game! football is entertainment...

if you are going to celebrate a win this weekend, why not cheer on the seven year old with the broken wrist, who lost her family in a plane crash, and still had the guts to walk to a house in the dark of night, and call 911.. that is a true triumph of the human spirit, a demonstration of the human condition, indeed, ferret worthy even

do the world a favor dallas fans, and when you want to talk trash online, and brag about your teams accomplishments, change your focus, and think of Sailor Gutzler.. she has no family, they are dead....  and yet you live...

the entire spectacle life is often just a matter of the Great Ref's call, or even a micro second of chance


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  1. That poor little girl! What a brave soul she is; that will serve her well in the years to come. I agree with you about sports teams. Sure, be happy when your team wins and groan and shake your head when they lose, but I don't get any more emotionally invested than that. I didn't put on the uniform and run out on the field, knocking heads together and possibly injuring myself. Cheering for a team is not much of an accomplishment, LOL. Nice to see you posting, Sammy! Happy New Year. @kbowenwriter

  2. Every day I see the gamut of news stories...from the mundane, to the ridiculous...on and on it goes. Then occasionally, I see something that shows our strength as a species, that gives me hope that we are indeed filled with greatness. Or maybe I am just taking too much cold medicine.

    I remember this story, and this child's will to survive. I have seen similar stories. Always amazed. And glad that, occasionally, we see things happen that make us reconnect to each other.

    But trash talking about sports and game outcomes? That isn't even close to being on the list.

    Thanks Sam. I always enjoy reading your posts, and rereading them.

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