Friday, September 7, 2012

A Place Called Hope

A Place Called Hope

Or "Sam's Rant"

We were all granted the ability to aspire to, and attain our dreams, not those mandated by gov't but our own lofty goals, and milestones

a new day will shine forth and you will wake to a bright dawn, not a day where you are told what to think by media, but of your own making

we make the day what it is; it is up to each of us to create the moment, and decide to be happy. we are not dependent upon what others say

don't be fooled by the poverty pimps, who think that success is "spread around evenly" or enforced by laws, it is up to each of us to win

we win when we cast off the idea that we must follow the herd, or are granted rights by Gov't.. we win when we decide to win.

the spark of genius is in each of us, individually and given to all of us, no matter what we've done, or our pasts

any time we want to break out of the cycle or label that Gov't has pigeonholed us into, we can. YES WE CAN!! we can break out. right now

no need to wait till tomorrow, we can rise to the occasion now. we can make today that new day, were we decide to succeed.

we are not "victims" of poverty, or unemployment, we have to rise above those notions, and work hard to overcome them, but we are not victim

it is a personal decision to rise above poverty and unemployment and despair...Gov't can't make that decision for us

that hope that burns in you is your hope, not put there by mortal man - NO! it is the spark that we were all granted, and not to be ignored

none of us is so wise that we should ignore our own ability to succeed, and grovel for the crumbs set aside by Gov't

it is up to each of us to recognise our genius, our talents, our hope and dreams, and ACT ON THEM!! and live a prosperous life

We must each rise to our level of awareness, genius and ability individually on our own, for it is only ourselves that we can change. 


Take from Real Tweets, Sept 8th, 2012  Afternoon

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