Friday, September 7, 2012

A Place Called Hope

A Place Called Hope

Or "Sam's Rant"

We were all granted the ability to aspire to, and attain our dreams, not those mandated by gov't but our own lofty goals, and milestones

a new day will shine forth and you will wake to a bright dawn, not a day where you are told what to think by media, but of your own making

we make the day what it is; it is up to each of us to create the moment, and decide to be happy. we are not dependent upon what others say

don't be fooled by the poverty pimps, who think that success is "spread around evenly" or enforced by laws, it is up to each of us to win

we win when we cast off the idea that we must follow the herd, or are granted rights by Gov't.. we win when we decide to win.

the spark of genius is in each of us, individually and given to all of us, no matter what we've done, or our pasts

any time we want to break out of the cycle or label that Gov't has pigeonholed us into, we can. YES WE CAN!! we can break out. right now

no need to wait till tomorrow, we can rise to the occasion now. we can make today that new day, were we decide to succeed.

we are not "victims" of poverty, or unemployment, we have to rise above those notions, and work hard to overcome them, but we are not victim

it is a personal decision to rise above poverty and unemployment and despair...Gov't can't make that decision for us

that hope that burns in you is your hope, not put there by mortal man - NO! it is the spark that we were all granted, and not to be ignored

none of us is so wise that we should ignore our own ability to succeed, and grovel for the crumbs set aside by Gov't

it is up to each of us to recognise our genius, our talents, our hope and dreams, and ACT ON THEM!! and live a prosperous life

We must each rise to our level of awareness, genius and ability individually on our own, for it is only ourselves that we can change. 


Take from Real Tweets, Sept 8th, 2012  Afternoon

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  1. YES! Well said, my ferret friend. We are who we decide to be, but we have to take the responsibility for who we are before we can be anything. Thank you for your wise rant.

  2. I agree with the general tenor of your rant, & as one who has had the good fortune to personally attempt the self determination of my own future & circumstance. In success & in less favourable circumstances, I would proffer the following comments:-
    Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to get up & face another day.
    Sadly self belief & motivation is not an inner resource given equally to us all.
    Sometimes it behoves us to stop look around an nurture / encourage those who have self doubt.
    WE are all the sum total of our individual experiences often running very different races through this life....
    Finally Sammy you have succeed once again in bringing reality to the fore in your delightful way.

  3. You are absolutely right. We are responsible for our own happiness. We are not Victims. No one said we are.

    The problem comes when bank execs take risks with FDIC insured funds, lose everything, then leave with a multi million dollar severance.
    Why is that okay?
    When someone messes up, they get fired. Period.
    You brought the company down? Sorry, you're not entitled to severence.
    The economy collapsed. The jobs went away.
    The housing market fell, the banks forclosed.
    Instead of the banks refinancing homes, they forclosed.
    Seems to me, it'd be better to adjust the mortgage for a few years until things got better. But no, banks would rather have empty houses dragging neighborhoods down, and increasing crime.
    No Sam, we are not victims.
    Except those Tax Paying Americans who are forbidden the right to marry. Those are the same Tax Paying Americans who only recently were given the right to serve openly in the military. These Tax Paying Americans who choose to risk their lives for our freedom, in spite of how they are treated by their own country.
    These are the same Tax Paying Americans who, in the 21st century, can still be legally fired from their jobs and evicted from their homes simply for who they are.
    These are the same Tax Paying Americans who were ignored by Two American Presidents in the 1980s, as a virus tore through their community.
    It is still socially acceptable in this country to discriminate against these Tax Paying Americans.
    But still, we soldier on.
    We soldier on because we are not victims.
    To say we are victims would mean we have given up. And I, for one, will never give up until EVERY Tax Paying American has the same rights, not just the same responsabilities.

  4. Well, we certainly agree that happiness comes from within. However, while the idea of "work hard and you'll make it" is appealing and has some truth to it, the game is so far rigged against folks like me and many, many others that it's pretty close to a fairy tale. And not a Disney one, but rather a Grimm tale.

    Excuse my bitterness, but I worked hard and did what I was supposed to do and I've gotten bunk for it. I graduated with honors from high school and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Business. It isn't worth the paper it's printed on. I've sent out about sixty job applications and resumes since May to every posting I've been remotely qualified for, and I've found nothing.

    Tell me, how am I supposed to work if no one will hire me? "Move", you might say. I have responsibilities here, and besides that financially I couldn't swing it. "Start your own business" you might say. Again, it'd be nice but no money to do so and I can't get a loan. I have too many qualifications to get entry level work, and not enough experience to get jobs I'm qualified for. Now, getting fired from my first job is my responsibility (although there were some shady dealings, it was mostly my fault), but you would not believe how much that is counting against me. Five years of work counts for nothing when you were fired, apparently.

    It's a nasty catch-22, and I resent it when I sit here and read people who look down on me as lazy, who say I just need to "work harder" and I'll be okay. Not when the game is rigged. If I CAN find a job, I'll be working well below what I ought to be making for a good long time. As George Carlin famously said (it's true now, but maybe not forty some years ago): "It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it".

  5. Applause Applause! My wise furry friend. My nest is of my own making I have chosen every twig and twine. It is my chosen bed to sleep in.

  6. Poverty pimps, what a perfect description. I've been knocked down a few times, got back up, dusted myself off, and took my life back. My destiny is my own. So is my happiness. I expect nothing from anyone especially government.

    Good rant Sammy, good rant.

  7. Massive amounts of ignorance and naivety involved in that collection.

    Someone aware of reality would point out the fact that other people can, and do, stop you from proceeding forth- and there's nothing you can do about it.

    I know, because I have been through it. I have made no mistakes. I have been the best. Worked the most.

    And I have been penalized for it. I have had any possible solutions removed by others. I have had any hint of power to overcome said issues- which the above claim you can magically overcome through clicking of ones' heels and a magic wish- removed by individuals or society.

    Life is not black and white. The greatest man or woman can fall to the point that help is MANDATORY.

    The reason so many of you disagree is it hasn't happened to you, therefore it simply can't happen. Well it does, and it does by the millions.

    So quit judging those who need aid. After all TRULY American people are those who WANT to help their fellow countrymen... not see them as "lazy" (lie) "moochers" (lie).

    Educate yourselves to reality. Not YOUR reality. Everyone's. Perhaps then you will find compassion and some measure of intellect and wisdom.

  8. BINGO! 100% true and what people need to hear.

    Jay Holmes