Thursday, May 24, 2012

he's ruined

this guy says i ruined his life!!

                                                 dat's a lil' unfair aint it?

all i did was "like" his girfriend's facebook.   i must admit, i gots dat

~wiggle wiggle~


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in this series:  my faux business venture on Facebook

Friday, May 18, 2012

fake girlfriend troubles

i'd skipped out on dat lady therapist a few weeks back without paying; after she talked me down from my mania.  being text dumped is no laughing manner.  i know you're probably chuckling - sure it was a faux girlfriend, and i was offering my services as purely a literary device.   frankly, i think the pet human dumped me off at the therapist's office so it could get some shopping done without me.  it thinks i am the cause of spending sprees.     i quickly found another faux gal.  back in the saddle, i  could offer facebook posts, maybe send a flirtatious tweet, get her real boyfriend jealous 

it was all working out perfectly, until.................

i shouldn't have given the therapist her phone number as a reference

rodent indeed

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