Monday, January 30, 2012

angry dog and greatfulness

this doggy needs therapy.  some puppy zen, maybe a stern "no fido" ...  dogs who act out are not "bad" doggies.  their pet humans just need to establish boundaries, and take leadership of the pack.


seems this lil guy had a bone flushed down the commode, and ever since, he's taken his resentment out every time someone flushes.   can't take him to visit the relatives, he might run someone over!!

  and, @alicemartin8 from Twitter ran across a wonderfully powerful link on "GreatfulNess"  measuring our inner Greatfulness to express an outward Gratitude.  a short read, and really points out a few ways to change our way of thinking during the day.   why mope, and wallow in misery, when we can invoke the great spiritual force of gratitude?

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Friday, January 6, 2012

wiggle even for da bad stuff

~wiggle~ in all circumstances. even da bad stuff.  - ferretzen

"sam, do you mean even when i find out i'm gonna die?"  this just in from Mary, my detractor.  great question, Mary. and i still have nothing against tractors.

Mary, we are all gonna die.  it's not "if" we die, but when.  and yes, we can still ~wiggle~

powerful spiritual forces which i discarded or ignored for years are appreciation and gratitude.  what i thought they meant was when someone did something good for me, or was generous, than i should say thankyou.  NO! that's just good manners.

appreciation and gratitude work even in the bad times;  they transcend good manners and work in all circumstances.  we can be miserable, we can isolate, we can sit around really wallow in it.  or we can be appreciative of the moment.  obstacles lead to opportunities.  energy and endorphins are  released in overcoming.

"History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heartbreaking obstacles before they triumphed. They finally won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats. Disappointments acted as a challenge. Don't let difficulties discourage you."  B.C. Forbes, Scottish Financial Journalist

in the Bible, in Thessalonians we read: "In all things give thanks".....  we can find this axiom in almost all cultures, beliefs and throughout history.  no one system has a monopoly on gratitude and appreciation as spiritual forces.  the fact that millions and billions of folks thru the ages have utilised these forces is proof they work.

when the annoyer comes at us today, when the trouble set's in, when the bad news arrives, unlock the power of gratitude;  unleash it's force within you, and give thanks, be appreciative of the opportunity.   be grateful that you have the knowledge of gratitude, if nothing else.  be grateful for the opportunity to grow. 

~wiggle~ even for da bad stuff.


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