Monday, January 30, 2012

angry dog and greatfulness

this doggy needs therapy.  some puppy zen, maybe a stern "no fido" ...  dogs who act out are not "bad" doggies.  their pet humans just need to establish boundaries, and take leadership of the pack.


seems this lil guy had a bone flushed down the commode, and ever since, he's taken his resentment out every time someone flushes.   can't take him to visit the relatives, he might run someone over!!

  and, @alicemartin8 from Twitter ran across a wonderfully powerful link on "GreatfulNess"  measuring our inner Greatfulness to express an outward Gratitude.  a short read, and really points out a few ways to change our way of thinking during the day.   why mope, and wallow in misery, when we can invoke the great spiritual force of gratitude?

powerful link, bookmark it:


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  1. Thank you Samuel:) Grateful. ~Alice

  2. Poor puppy...perhaps he was a goldfish in a former life. You know THEY can't have much love for the toilet being flushed. And perhaps he should read up a little on gratitude and start being thankful he's too big to be flushed this go 'round. ;)


  3. Hi Sammy. It's my philosophy that there are no bad pets. Only bad pet humans. This dog is funny to me. If they don't like it fussing over the flushing, they could just shut the bathroom door as they exit.

    Thanks so much for the link to the great post on gratitude. (Thank you, Alice, too.) I believe gratitude is the first of all virtues. Have no doubt I'm greatful for you every day, Sammy.

  4. I would crawl inside that toilet like Mr Clean and fish the damn bone out...Knick-knack paddy wack give the dog a bone this ole dog came rolling home.

    1. That is if he was missing a bone and not a few screws...