secret list of mayan contacts

they've also been briefed by the mayans, and they know exactly what is going on.  first mayan spaceship that happens by?  we are outa here

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sam clemons  his mayonaise mayaness

dirty garnet  editor of critical mayan stuff

piper bayard  belly dancer, my twitter lawyer, takes me bar hopping

nospankyou  fallen angel, shares flask

alikat747  masseuse in french maid's outfit 

hyla molander  navigator, chief vino officer

joeygiggles   promoter, controls mayan pr campaign  #jgf

gardencatlady  dances with me, eco artist

jurzeedee     hip hop dude

kit_kForce_d43  teleportation expert

museinks  screenwriter, chief chocolate steward

vallethor  the all seeing eye of thornburn

Dennis  keeper of airplanes and hobbies, just back from the andies mountains

penelope  my personal photographer, she's never very far

alice my twitter screamer as in "werewolf"; drinks moonjuice

Georg_Grey  linguist  fluent in: ferret, mayan, other interstellar dialects

dc  chief election campaigner, poet to the stars

leeannesavage  singer best of tucson, hip chick 

bella ferret publicist,  damage control, she works 24/7

BuddhistKnight roly poly fat guy with a big staff, rescues damsels in undress

falloutgrrrrl   she keeps my paws rubbed

pronetworkbuild  business manager multi slacker

sexyjeans   movies, explains the adult parts

resultsrmixed  collector of slang

olcracker  chief of rock n roll procurer of odd things

daveyhatesmith foulmouthed bartender mountaineering adviser

ouchdammit elf doesn't hurt a bit

fanofrob  twilight  of oz

Julie-Ann  tall lady 

grammakaye  mayan librarian  

trkrsvoice logistical hauler of poptarts to his mayaness

frank the architect   in case i enlarge my borrow 

samdaferret   mini smarmy

tittesandbeer   bosoms and brau

burrowelf     burrow elf

if you would like to be on the list, then you have to go through a committee of mayan mission operatives which look surprisingly like your next door neighbor..mmmm do you know who your neighbors really are? 

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