Saturday, March 24, 2012

nutjobs freaks and weirdos

i was gonna purge my account of: nutjobs, whackjobs, freaks, weirdos, kinky types, dysfunctionals, degenerates, perverts, hippies, drunks, addicts, self absorbed, isolators, morons, OCD, shameless self promoters, delusionals, callous, bigmouthed, absentminded, arrogant, egotistical, fanatic, finicky, humorless, masochistic, sadistic, paranoid, the self righteous, skeptics, weak willed, zealous, troublemakers, stubborn, megalomaniacs, those fixated, gruff, disturbed, erratic, hoity-toity, overt, arrogant, needy, clingy, gullible, disturbed, and any squirrels.....

but they'd all just find me again, wouldn't they?


(from a facebook post)

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dedicated to JonesBabie who thought she'd teach a ferret how to spell skeptic.  on facebook i took advantage of the british spelling, herein, to please the american audience, i have availed myself of their usage


  1. Aww gee, I'm blushing. But no longer sceptical. :D xo

    1. Oops, I am behaving like a drunken squirrel. I forgot to add...
      I tweet @jonesbabie :D

  2. Whew!! I am so glad you didn't say "slackers" Sam! I thought my head was on the chopping block. Or specifically, "multi-slackers" as you have described me on more than one occasion.

    Lonny Dunn, I Tweet at @ProNetworkBuild

  3. On the subject of spelling and the perfectly reasonable schizophrenia many of us are afflicted with. I am English so tend to automatically use the British usage, except on twitter way too stressful to be constantly advised I have incorrectly spelt (past and past participle of spell1.) a word not recognised or should that be recognized in american usage!? Further stress is to be encountered if one is foolish enough to access Google spell checker..which is a misnomer as it can not spell. On face book I tend to be multi cultural dependent on who's wall I comment on!! Basically delighted the the schizophrenic confused speller is not included in your list.
    Sue Samuel I tweet @SueTandT

  4. Sammy sez "but they'd all just find me again, wouldn't they?"
    * * *
    "they" I cannot speak for, but I would find you again, I certainly would. xoxo luv g-ma. Ima @grammakaye on twitter

  5. I've been of the opinion that we have butchered the English language to the point that we should acknowledge that what we speak is more aptly called American :))

  6. I, for one, am glad you changed your mind. I surely fall into at least five of those categories you would have purged. As to which five, that changes daily. Thanks for keeping me around, Sammy. :)

  7. Sammy you are one of kind...the lost souls who follow you would certainly roam the earth like sullen zombies who slept through the apocalypse if you cut us off. But like those zombies we would come back to you. Besides with a sarcastic wit like yours we are drawn like moths to a flame. You can wiggle but you can't hide for those of us that love you.
    Cookie @cjk590324

  8. ~wiggle~ but can't hide... i think i'll pilfer dat .....

  9. Good thing you didnt purge your account of nutjobs or I'd have been unfollowed ;)