Saturday, May 14, 2011

pilfering as art form

the bird and squirrel were raising a ruckus. not enough to spoil my mood mind you, as i strolled from my burrow to the school. teachers have an air about them.  a calm reticence maintains the composure of the entire class.  if the learned get ruffled, the students sense it immediately.

so it is with aunt kaye who teaches the kits proper  manners and napping techniques.  as i approached, i could hear her lilt through the tall grass, "hold your head up... that's right.  see kits,  proper pilfering is done best when the object is carried.  try not to snag items that have to be dragged, or pulled.  'carry' things back to your burrow."

Take all You Can Grab Boys!

oh was she good.  kaye knew her business.  wildly known in her younger days for pulling off the great sock caper of the decade.  two humans prone to bickering we called the "dysfunctional dickens" to this day fight over the missing socks kaye pilfered.  such pleasure and giggling they've given the ferret world listening to them blame each other.   in the ferret realm, kaye was famous and visiting her would often yield a morsel, a nugget of wisdom.   

as i entered the classroom a squeal went up, "sammmmmy!!!"  in stereophonic quadraphonic high definition ultra deluxe kit joy.  the room errupted into a bouncing spinning wrestling cacophony of energy, which wouldn't simmer down without a snack and a nap.

"what have i told you about interrupting my....."  her brief lecture cut off by me, which belied her own sparkling delight at seeing my grand entrance. 

"look at these new press photos Kaye"  i inserted the thumbdrive into her machine.

"oh you handsome famous critter, sam.  i will always be so proud of you and your adventures"

we enjoyed a moment looking at the slideshow.  thinking how smart and talented kaye was, and such a good teacher as well.  i got my memory stick out of the machine, and stood up to leave.   for her part she nibbled me, and sent me off.   the kits were still wrestling,  lesson interrupted.   any reason is a good reason for a spinny move.

making my way out only by the hardest, i couldn't resist demonstrating  a couple of new dance moves myself and tossing a few wiggles around.  i made it back to my burrow, thinking of how my twin masseuses were gonna love the new photos.  in my mindseye, i was hearing them squeal with delight~en stereo.

sitting down to call them, and invite them over, i fumbled for the memory stick.

it's odd.  i could have sworn i had that thumbdrive on me  .......


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story dedicated to @grammakaye on twitter  and a shoutout to doc and falloutgrrl

photo credit to: dailyferret on blogspot and zagika 

PS:  this one figured she'd have to do some spring cleaning: 


  1. That thieving ferret clip cracked a smile on my studious face this morning - thanks for sharing!

  2. Well I'd say Mizz Kaye got one over ya. *chitters*

  3. OH SAMMY, what a squealing delight in surround sound of a story, am so flattered it was dedicated to the story, love the pic of the refrigerator diving ferrets, love the video ~ whole lotta ferret love going on here!

    ....Grand & daughter have had the computer most of Saturday & today..I'm glad to have gotten a break from them to be able to check twitter. And now back to my Sammy influenced and most needed by me Sunday NAP! In honor of aunt kaye and you, I'll be dreaming of 'sockscapades' ~ the forthcoming musical stage show based on aunt kaye's biggest caper! THANKS SAMMY! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, that was so cute! I got a giggle out of it! Thank you so much!