Tuesday, May 31, 2011

uncle freddie's writing tips

"diarrhea.  humans like it"  said uncle freddie as i rolled my eyes.

"what are you talking about?  i'm late for my massage"

"they like it, sammy."

me: "they like it? are you sure?"

"they enjoy a bit of raunch, something odd, something that disturbs them.  it makes them laugh.  you do a comedy skit, throw in a mention of diarrhea, maybe vomit, it appeals to a certain demographic"

of course the conversation was taking place.  willing it to go away wasn't going to help.

"you know that doc on twitter, he tweets his homeopathic diarrhea remedies, sammy?  those are funny"

i smiled at the thought.  they were hard to resist.  an educated medical practitioner starts tweeting about diahrrea, i  want to make fun of his tweets, but proper etiquette  or sympathy hold me back.

there was some truth in here,  even typing this post got me laughing.   just the oddity of life ~ how two not so sane critters could carry on an intelligent mature conversation about  diarrhea.  the word conjures up something in all of us.

"i haven't had my coffee uncle freddie, can we change the subject?"

"this spanish ferret, didn't speak much english, she took me to see a movie over the weekend, full of disgusting humor - or what passes for humor.  you want some good  material, throw in the word diarrhea"

"you called this early to tell me to write about diarrhea, uncle freddie?"

"no, sammy you moron.  your mother wants you to call her.  i called to tell you to call your mother.  but don't forget the diahrrea.  humans like it"  and he hung up.

some days start off wierd.


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  1. As I think about the hundreds of things I need to do today, diarrhea keeps popping into my head at the most inappropriate moments. Between lawn mowing, bill paying and house work, there it is, diarrhea. Perhaps a nap is in order.