Wednesday, December 14, 2011

snagging my gig

ferrets are incurable nap fiends.  since we have retired from chasing rats after world war I, we have been shall we say "unemployed" which has lent to our reputation as wealthy playboys ... i have an office, but the administrative assistant learned after my 6 month absence that i have no intention of doing any real work.  typing light drivel and tweeting is about all i can bring myself to do.  anything else would conflict with my strenuous goals.  i am even running my campaign for President on the "more naps and dancing" ticket.  i get a lot of interest, but the mainstream media hasn't given me much traction.

napping is just part of the lifestyle.  why get worked up and upset, when a fine nap will do the trick?  wake up, give a yawn or two, take a snack, and crawl back to bed.  sometimes, when asked if i just yawned, i reply: "no, that was yoga.  a deep breathing exercise"   what a life.  

Jedi Ferret by @FallOutGrrrrl on Twitter

so now,  there are competitors for my gig.  i have found other critters trying to get in on the napping scene.  i won't bother you with a snoozing cat, or the proverbial "sleeping dog" which we will allow to lie undisturbed.

nope.  it's worse.  the seals are getting in on the action.   we ferrets have been squeezed out of hollywood: no more beer commercials for Budweiser, no more movie cameos....  Geico went with squirrels, and an animated Gecko with a cute accent.  having been thus indignantly tossed aside, we now have to compete with a napping baby seal!!  this is getting rough.

notorious napper

seems this guy crawled into the house through the doggy door, climbed up on the sofa and snoozed away.   the pic went viral, and now i am having to call my therapist, and booking agent.

i think the lil guy might have snagged my gig!!


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original story courtesy of Global Animal


  1. If you can't beat em, join em, Sam! Maybe you can do a joint appearance. Or make him your Vice President. Or, if that doesn't suit you, make him some Czar that sounds auspicious, and important, but really banishes him to the 14th page, near the car ads.

    I Tweet at @ProNetworkBuild

  2. Actually Sam, it would seem as though he is your biggest supporter for the naps part of your ticket. A celebrity backing your campaign - you are a shoe in!
    I bet us woozels would out do him any day on the dancing *wiggle, twist, jump in the air, skitter backwards*

  3. Rumor-has-it when the owner of the couch found the little napper, he/she was coaxed into going for a free ride back to the coast. That's when the notorious napper jumped around and turned on the truck's radio. My guess is he/she is not only a napper but a dancer. Big problems for you, my little friend.

  4. He totally stole your gig, Sam. Which, is why you should press him into service as your nap caddy, i.e. pillow fluffer, blanket bearer, filler of the drink glass and food bowl. It is only fair.

  5. Sam, don't get discouraged...he's simply doing his ferret impression and we all know that there's nothing like the real thing.


  6. These things wax and wane. All those other animals are just a flash in a pan, but the ferret's appeal is eternal. Scoff at them. You'll outlast those pups.


  7. No worries, Sammy - no one can nap like you can! And no way can he dance. He's got two left flippers.


  8. It's all just a bad dream. Stay away from those jalapeño pop tarts Sammy.

  9. I was @jonesbabie last time I looked :D