Wednesday, November 30, 2011

boston market

it started with a phone call, a request. 

"boston market, huh?"  as the pet human grimaced and hung up the phone.   we don't actually dine there ourselves,  we were called upon to do a good deed.

"come on sammy, we are on a mission"

i love adventures, i get to oversee the operation, i poke my nose out, and if the sniff isn't right, i can hide, and become invisible.  if the action get's heavy, of course i can take on whatever evils the pet human can't handle by itself.


"i'll have the usual"  the guy in front of us said.

behind the counter, a perplexed look from the cashier.  "excuse me?"

again, talismanic, "the usual"

i stuck my nose out of the pet human's hood.  i saw the back of a slick hundred dollar white tee shirt, sweatpants, a muscular fellow, with shades, even from behind him, i could sense he was quite full of himself

mr "i'll have the usual"

this was gonna be good.

mr cool: "you know, the usual"

"i can't really...... i don't .... what......?"  the poor lass had no idea what this clown wanted 

"i'll have my usual order, you know"

i was thinking, no she doesn't.  she obviously doesn't know.

he coaxed her a bit: "i came in here and you know, got the same order three weeks in a row.."

i crawled outright, at this point, and from my perch upon my pet human's shoulder, i gave the cashier, mr. cool, and other patrons "the look" and that mind control thing i do, which told him something like:

"look fool.  anyone who is trying to be cool in a boston market is a moron.  and even if it were cool, you aren't hip, who walks into a dive like this and asks for the usual?  get on with your business"

after much blushing, embarrassment and shuffling of feet, he finally placed his order.

and that is why i don't take my pet to boston market


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  1. Did anyone spot you under the hood, Sammy? You might have freaked out a few humans, you know, LOL.

  2. Lol. You nailed it. Anyone trying to be cool in a Boston Market is just sad. Let's just hope some ferret adopts him and teaches him a thing or two some day.

  3. Well, I want to know what the dude finally got. ya know, in case he asks me for "the usual" I can serve it right up.

  4. If only the rest of the world could see from the wise perspective of a ferret. Geeez.

  5. NewYorkCity delis they cant even say "To stay or to go" right they asked me three times... then thet had the never to ask me what language do I speak... cant imagine them taking my order...

  6. Oz didnt give me a brain to spell... I apologize, believe me its my keypad.......

  7. I don't have to type in a new comment. Just consider it the usual. You know what I mean, right? Seriously, I am amazed at how some people think that they are the center of everyone else's universe. This clown is only memorable to those in the store that day now for being an ass.

  8. Next time carry a pin with you Sam and burst his bubble so the line will move faster.

  9. LOL Chris, yea, gimme da usual.... i am still amazed the lady didn't just make up a batch of whatever, and throw it in the plate... he could've maintained his dignity, and nobody would have been the wiser... he sure did impress me wif da cool t shirt

    thanks for stopping by Cathy, and retweeting my post..... have any visitors from another planet on Facebook? I think that one has gone on to posting stuff on Sam Champion's blog.

    Hyla, i hope your not still sick for Christmas??? What did the lil one's get?

    Liza you work at Boston Market? No Offense, i just know they don't serve pop tarts, so why bother?

    Kathy Owen, i own the Mall, and the Shopping Centers and the entire planet don't I?

    Thanks Piper Bayard... May your warmth and kindness be the greatest gift of all this Holiday Season