Thursday, November 3, 2011

Parishioners Asked Not to Bring Guns to Church

please, if you are coming to church, don't bring your shotgun or machine pistol!

do you really need to defend yourself at church?  maybe.

nuns wif guns by the angryczeck

Bishops in Wisconsin are requesting that parishioners not bring their weapons to church, now that a new firearms law goes into effect.

it used to be illegal NOT to carry a musket to church.  some towns in New England still have the laws on the books.  to protect themselves from "savages" and unprovoked attacks ( debatable language, even today ) churchgoers in Sandown, NH for instance were required to carry loaded muskets:  just in case of an attack by the pesky native americans. 

each church in the diocese can decide whether to ban firearms.  nice of the Bishops to leave some discretion here.

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  1. Gee, I wished I knew it was an option back in my Catholic school days. Those nuns were SCARY. :)

  2. I'll have to change my religion now. How could I pray there?

    On the more serious side, just south of where I live, a woman with a gun was able to stop a shooting rampage at her church a couple of years ago. Obsessions with religion and/or sex are what most often put people in mental institutions.

  3. The nuns where I went to school didn't need guns. They could hit a moving target with an eraser from 50 feet.

  4. I thought they were bad enough with the rulers in hand... Wow these chicas be scary! :D

  5. ...all I remember from Catholic churchgoing is that we had donuts and orange juice after Mass on Sunday and I could have shot someone by then I was so hungry...except we didn't have guns in our house, and I was a kid.

    I agree with Piper, the mentally ill do tend to dwell on sex and religion...I know cause I have to deal with them five days a week... :D

  6. Where do those nuns keep the ammo?