Friday, October 21, 2011

there is hope for anyone

a quick post to remind you that you should never give up hope.  ok, that's all i was gonna say, have a great day!

brevity is a virtue, but come on, that short?

kevin cotter was just your run of the mill middle class divorced box salesman and outdoorsy type, who's wife after 12 years left him.  he has parlayed that experience into a book, been featured on morning shows, and blogged about his experience.

his website is which i found to be rather bland, and nothing special.

his photography is not exactly outstanding either, my german shepherd accidentally  snapped a few shots while carrying my digital around the yard which are better.

his comedy? well it's probably not to everyone's taste, i wouldn't expect the shrill feminist crowd to take it very kindly for instance.

but his story resonates, the media picked up on it, and it demonstrates for all of us, that timing is often luck, and getting published can be like the lottery.    when life hands us lemons,  make whiskey sours. #ferretzen


couple of shouts this morning:  to @PiperBayard her doggy is sick... show some love...  to @falloutgrrrrl who is on her 3rd or 4th incarnation of a twitterer, may she find an account that can't be hacked

and to everyone who might want to cave in to doubt or get discouraged, may you find your ex's wedding dress, and turn it into Amazon Gold.

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  1. this is Anne or @wickedwitch_ from twitter. I like the dress and the way it accents the beard. More men should wear beards and dresses, it's a great look.

  2. Yes. Edison said he tried 1000 times to create artificial light. Imagine if he'd stopped at 999?

    Shrill Feminists? Only a ferret could get away with putting those two words sequentially.

    I Tweet at @ProNetworkBuild

  3. What a hoot! Thanks for the smile and the shout out. Much appreciated.

  4. And just when I was giving up hope, here you are.

    Meanwhile, look how fabulous that man looks in that dress. And how it gathers at his waist. The white veil really accentuates his beard. Fabulous.

    So nice to meet you.

    By the way, I am totally hot. Somehow, whenever I try to log in to someone at blogger, my picture never comes up. I'm bitter about this, but there is nothing I can do. Come tweet this twit @rasjacobson. Maybe you've seen me around.

  5. Hiya sammy!! You know you are the bestest !! My tweetheart & dear friend! Thank you for everything you do! So good morning wiggles sammy! I also sent you an email! So check that out! Miss you sam! & everyone on twitter! I LOVE U!! kisses* Raeanne

  6. How did he get the dress in the divorce settlement...... What value did they give it???