Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Writer on Writing

Awe Shucks, AweWriter ( ) so you're on wordpress?  Well there is no harm in starting a Blogger Account. Now that it's owned by gOOgle, maybe you'll get some more 'hits' ....mmmmm???  Anyway, even though it's a WordPress Blog, here's a link to a writer's blog, and he makes money.  Unlike mine, which is purely for my own self gratification...That did not sound respectable did it???

AweWriter's Blog:


  1. Thanks Sam,

    I'll tell you that most of my income comes from writing articles for clients. My own writing is left for readers who need a break from all that other stuff I write. Thx again, Francis.

  2. I have blogger accounts too Sam... Thanks again!

  3. Thanks as always Sam, I'm always grateful for your support. I've been so very focused on my writing project I feel I've been living in a cave. Though a very bright one. Cheers my friend!