Friday, October 29, 2010

Sarcasm Sells Sarcastic Candidate sees 700 Percent Jump!

Last week the Master of Sarcasm himelf had 73 Follow Friday Recommends on

this week as of right now, that ranking stands at 452, a 700% increase over last week.

And for months, the widget has said " > 1k " meaning greater than 1,000 in the rankings.  Now as you can see on the right, the widget has Sarcastic Sam at a Global Ranking of 285.  No Lady Gaga, no Justin or Justin, but not so bad for a ferret with 7k followers.

Hey it's just a widget, something to keep me occupied in between snide remarks.

Remember you can actually join a real live human network, for Free, you don't have to become a paid member at Smart People Networking. 

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