Sunday, November 7, 2010

sams favorites

Just a quick post, BlogSpot by gOOgle (formerly Blogger) makes it so easy to post something, there's no excuse not to!

We'll update this feature regularly, here's just some off the bottom of the list

I was thinking this twitter gig was just come in and crack a few jokes a week before each movie, like Will Farrell. This is long term!!

Mary, ColoSprings: Sam were there any famous ferret pilots? me: that's too much work ... you know winding the rubber bands?

if you make someone laugh, you give them a respite from themselves

Note to New Followers: Due to the influx and increase in stupid questions, if yu dont get a response, don't give up, keep on asking

Andy from Capitol Hill: Sam do you laugh out loud sometimes at your own jokes...? Me: No Andy, but your avatar sure made me grin

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