Saturday, November 27, 2010

derek haines, vandal at large

not very often, but sometimes a human will wander by my hovel, poke around a bit, thinking they've found a rabbit hole, and wake me up from one of my naps... regular readers know i nap often, generally 14 times per day, more often on sundays, and i don't mind the occasional curiosity seeker, and sometimes invite them in for tea, in my slumbered state, i forget they can only fit a nose in the opening to my ferret hole.... oh, this just in: Ann from Ann Arbor again, "sam, get on with the story, will ya?" oh, right, well, derek happened by, and asked why i sometimes use such long run on sentences, and i had to explain that my paws are not all that large, and i hate having to hit the shift key and he's lucky i don't run him off for waking me up; being the good sport, he threw a blueberry pop tart down into the burrow, and i have been working on it for a couple of days, if anyone cares to join me, i've only taken a few bites....

from someone blessed with an extraordinary mind, and also a gift for euphemisms, powerful allegory, not to mention he can butter a mean pop tart, i highly recommend you click the link below, and read derek's latest post....

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  1. oh i just love the banning of capital letters and it would be even better if there was no punctuation too as it makes writing so much faster not having to find those pesky little comma and apostrophe keys and oh yes those quotation marks are a pain too spaces are no so bad i think i could handle that but whynottakethemouttoo oh this is such fun love the post sam this is real vandalism