Friday, June 10, 2011

What Passes for News

What passes for News these days is downright ridiculous.  I rarely comment on politics as it dates one's blog.  Three months from now the story becomes irrelevant, the facts change, one's predictions are all proved wrong.  So normally I don't do politics, or politicians.  But I have a few observations, and I'll keep them brief.  Actually, this all started when I wrote a piece for The Critical Post (follow on twitter: entitled "Breitbart's Hoax" ~ how an article in the Daily Kos was completely fabricated, invented and perpetrated using social media to prove that Congressman A. Weiner's Twitter WAS NOT hacked, and the entire story was a hoax perpetuated by Breitbart.  So brazen was the story it was entitled "Breitbarts  Twitter Hoax".

This is not the first time that I have done my Hunter S. Thompson best at being a media critic;  I should quit my day job, and do it full time.  I can smell a fabricated tale a mile away. 

The mainstream press today has taken to "sounding the death knoll for Newt Gingrich's Presidential Campaign"  that is to say, all of his top aides walked out en masse.  And I say, "So What?"  The media wasn't there and for all we know, he fired them, and has graciously kept his mouth shut about how they were fired.  We don't know, but to sound the end of his campaign? Ha!  One of the smartest men in politics, don't count Gingrich out.  It is almost as if willing the story into existence, by sheer momentum, the major news outlets can be their own cause/effect and make it so. 

On Anthony Weiner's wife's pregnancy?  Oh wow! The mainstream press jumped all over that didn't they?  Did they actually even stop to consider the source? Do they have a source?  A woman who refuses to grant interviews, doesn't want to comment on her husband's weiner, and has no intention of being seen in front of a camera, is supposedly one who "shuns the limelight"  ..... yet, here the mainstream press is buying and selling the story that she's pregnant?  Sounds fishy to say the least.   Why would someone who is so private want to announce to the world that she is pregnant?  Obviously, this is a ploy to garner sympathy and I for one doubt the validity of the story at all.     And make no mistake, working for Sec of State Hillary Clinton, the PR machine knows how to garner sympathy and plant a story, even one so far fetched that Weiner's wife Uma is pregnant.

Huma Abedin Pregnant? Who Is Ruthless Enough to Plant these Stories?

Lastly, we are seeing news outlets like MSNBC, CNN and their ilk actually try to talk up scenarios where Anthony Weiner stays in office.  Even knowing this would be a  complete embarrassment to himself and our government institutions. In my humble opinion, perpetuating an idea that endangers our already dwindling reputation across the globe is not responsible journalism.  Will they balk when his male member is shown on the House floor?  Will they finally cave in when his phallic anatomy is printed on playing cards and traded in High Schools?  Or used by extremists in other countries to prove the United States is a weak, and sex crazed country who's politicians are all perverts?  This is the end game in allowing people who have no control over their body parts ( and apparently cameras ) hang around beyond what is prudent. 

I question what I hear.  I do not buy into what is thrown at me in heavy doses.  Any overkill by the mainstream press should trigger our natural instinct that something is not correct.  More often than not, we are being fed a complete fabrication, invented news.  What passes for "News" is just rehashed stuff where sources are not proven, or even quoted.

What passes for news brings out the ferret in me.


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  1. You are most right about that Samuel_Clemons, we hear it so much in the news that what they are saying starts becoming believable. The more the press says it over and over again soon what they are saying must be true. Report the news and only the news, main stream media is like a tabloid. Investigate not heresay...

  2. Mainstream media is a tabloid. They are about making money, and they don't much care what they say to do it. They have a conflict of interest between real current events and spouting what people want to be told. That's why so much mindless sensationalism clutters the airways. The real stuff is either non-news, or it's so controversial that sponsors will withdraw their money from the media outlet. So sad. Thanks for your thought, Sammy. How's your presidential run going? You've got my vote. At least with you as pres, we would all get our dancing and naps. Definite improvement.