Friday, June 17, 2011

We're Not Gonna Take it

if only it were as easy as saying it, or singing it, deficits, world hunger, weiners, high umployment, the taliban, beltway traffic here in DC ~ if we could sing it all away, and live in heaven now, why wait?  doesn't every generation think it has it's problems? and yet, we live in a grand world, and it is what we make it.  so here's to ranting, and here's to all the rants before and that will come when we are gone.  today's theme:


  1. Ah, Sammy. So true. The world is grand, and life is a gift, permeating this three-dimensional plane, including us in it's animation of matter for a brief blink before flowing into the next vessel. Blessings on your whiskers, you wise, wily wonder of the universe.

  2. I believe Piper said it I'm just gonna say, "What she said..." : )

  3. So very well put indeed!! Take care!!