Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Off the Cuff

this one's off the cuff 

won't burden you with the details but i rec'd a tweet or two from a self proclaimed "mad person" on twitter to the tune of  "f......  you  sam you should die"  .... 

my offense?  i thought casey anthony was innocent.  you see, i don't believe what i see or hear in the press.  is this wrong? that i don't follow the herd on these matters? i don't think so.  but then again, my uncle freddie has always said: '

     "sammy don't follow the herd, you'll always be sniffing up somebody else's butt"

   but i think there is a larger lesson here.   i think what happened in this case is pretty simple:

   three years ago when the story broke, it became a media firestorm, and i think the Prosecutor's office pursued this case out of media pressure  .... 

   i instinctively saw and understood this.  i thought to myself,  "what if she didn't do it?  what other explanations could have come into play here?"  i had to mask myself from what i saw and heard, and ask myself plainly.  "what if it was a situation where her family is dysfunctional, and she really didn't do it, would the State of Florida still indict this person?"  and they did.

    and the State of Florida got what it got.

    the press is not going to delve into this subject matter very deeply because all of the journalists employed in this case WERE WRONG!!   they have to eat crow, and admit they had Ms. Anthony pegged as guilty and they were wrong. 

     so you can hope i die,  hope i rot, and curse me out.  but  it was the media that didn't deliver the verdict you hoped for.  shoot them, they were the one's who promised you a guilty verdict.  not lil ol me.


  1. I believe I am the one person on this planet who has successfully maintained a barrier between myself and this dog and pony show. I have studiously avoided the media circus around this woman. However, I know that jurors try very, very hard to reach fair and honest conclusions. No one knows what happened in that room but them, and I have learned to trust juries. Good for you, Sam, for not being led by the nose by people who were not in the only place that counted. The jury room.

  2. 1st off I would never wish you Sam harm, ill will, certainly not 'death' for expressing your opinion...while I don't believe Casey Anthony is 'innocent' she was proven to be 'not guilty' in a court of law. We are in agreement this was a media firestorm & a 'self feeding' blaze as each nuance, twist, turn & bizzare detail of a missing child was made known (& picked up by our nation & the world) & evolved to finding that child's remains, and forward on to a trial.

    We are in agreement that when a court case is this 'high profile' absolutely there was media pressure to expedite & try the case. We are in agreement that MANY (MOST) of the media had her found guilty even before a trial began & certainly throughout the trial.

    I can still hear one legal analyst's words reverbing around in my head about how the prosecution presented all they had & hoped that jurors would have the 'common sense' to connect the dots & was like ewwww that's not a good thing to have said cuz 'common sense' was not on the table, even part of the agenda, HARD evidence is. (HARD evidence was lacking, circumstantial evidence was abundant, and both fitting together with no doubt was necessary to conviction).

    So Casey Anthony may be 'not guilty' and thereby legally innocent, mt heart think she is not 'innocent' person. Now she gets to re-establish her life in the post-court of public opinion. While I do know I should let it go now, I'm always going to wander about that 31 days before that child was reported missing.

    I'm @grammakaye on twitter.