Friday, July 22, 2011

Saddest Postcard

Shirley is a marvel, a bit eccentric, but hey, who isn't?  Shirley has a pet spa, complete with pool, air conditioned kennels, a beach, if i am not mistaken, they might be able to take tennis lessons.  Shirley is pet human to many dogs, old, blind, the ailing, she and they grow old together, she gives them a life they might not otherwise enjoy.  many is the time, a visitor is surprised when a blankey starts to move, a rustling sound is heard, and out from underneath pops a rickety old doggy for a stretch.  yes, a marvel indeed.  Shirley even has a cemetery for all the pets who've rescued her, with grave markers.   she has never charged a dime to take in any dog, she is one of those marvels of the Universe that God sent to remind humans just how kind people can be. 

this tweet from @MochiFace a connection on twitter caught my eye, and reminded me that most of Shirley's dogs die in her arms of old age, happy, content, and knowing they were loved. 

The Saddest Postcard ever written here it is:

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  1. Aww, that is very sad. Of course, they want you there. I've had several pets die while holding them at the end. It's important to say goodbye properly, for a lifetime of love. <3

  2. Oh God that has actually thawed my heart of ice. My dog is 14. But he's bionic. So I will never have to go through this. Ever.

  3. My Nada kitty died in my arms after 17 1/2 years together. It was the best way for both of us.

  4. That is incredibly sad. I have lost many animals over the years, and I am with them every moment. It is my profound privilege to see them to the finish. Thank you, Sammy.