Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paco Superdog

Paco was no ordinary "rescue" dog.  he was adopted by a small business owner in California, but Paco knew the whole block.  he'd wander into a bar, and hang there a while, then to the barber shop, and snooze a few hours, maybe stray along the sidewalk and talk to strangers.  hey who doesn't love a free meal?  Paco was so mellow, that everybody loved him.  nary a bad bone in his 10 pound body.

with a dog like this around, it just made things a whole lot like they should be:  animals making humans their pets.

so sweet, so loyal, so calm and happy was Paco, till one day..........

and Paco showed what lil 10 pound dogs are made of.  the barber didn't know Paco had it in him.... the patrons of the Bar didn't know he was a hero, they always just thought of him as calm, wonderful Paco.  his owner never knew he could be so tough....

you see folks, humans don't rescue animals...  animals rescue humans from themselves

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  1. I LOVE dis Paco doggie!!! Great post!

  2. Paco I only hope my pups could do the same. Your neighbor hood should rest easy with knowing your in your travels.

  3. Great story! Reminds me of an incident here locally where 3 chihuahuas cornered a mountain lion in a garage. Go Paco! There's a reason the Aztecs used them in war. Like fighting ferrets with longer legs. Suppose you could get them to join ranks against the squirrels?

  4. Love this post. My cats have always kept my emotions in check. Thank you for always sharing your heart.