Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Putins Army of Beauties

I just laughed at this piece.  nothing profound, no wonderful insightful commentary, just pure laughter.  what got me to giggling?  the cheap, seediness of the whole thing.  who was trying to make a headline here?  Putin?  was this the work of a rich, powerful guy? or just some really, really bad PR firm with no more creativity that this?

and the news desk?  ha! laughable was the female's reaction to the piece, she said she couldn't look at it, "Its horrible" meanwhile, she kept looking, almost as if she wished she were a bikini clad car washer herself... i may be wrong,  doesn't she really want to be in the video? i just don't see her reaction as legitimate:

Putin's Army as they call themselves should be Putin's Tramps.   and what kind of army is a handful 7 or 8 gals... not quite the Red Army marching through Red Square is it?

In the second video, a brunnette walks through town, and the cameraman can't resist raking over her cleavage. 

chalk this one up to the MOST USELESS PR STUNT since the crew threw those  turkeys out of the helicopter in WKRP in Cincinnati.

Putin's Beautiful Army:  Women Undress and March For Putin's Third Term.....

Click Here for more Antics, ooops, I mean the full article and a couple more amateur PR Videos.  http://mahjongvillage.com/putin_girls.php


  1. Did you scoop @PiperBayard again Sam? You are on a roll this week! I cannot disagree with your observations. Yes, the desk seems quite smitten, actually more so than her male counterpart. I would never have noticed. Write On Oh Ferrety One. I tweet at @ProNetworkBuild

  2. Well, if the Russian people ever ask where their money is going, here's their answer. If this were really a bunch of volunteers in love with Putin, there would be at least one girl who looks like Rosa Klebb from From Russia with Love. Must be Putin's PR campaign inspired by booty spook Anna Chapman. Glad to see he's doing something about the unemployment in Russia.

    This is a hoot, Sammy! Thanks so much for the laugh this morning.

  3. Sex does alot for the visual asthetics of the game. Putin's army probably helped those women hanging out under the street lights. Young beautiful full breasted women how many votes do you think they'll generate?