Tuesday, August 23, 2011

earthquakes and wiggle shakes

the new twitter seems to be a bit sticky, and we can't even go down below 200 mentions.  and they've taken to just deleting old tweets.  i wanted to record mine for posterity, so i put them here on the blog.  

my tweets post earthquake:

1.  this region overreacts to rain and snow, you can imagine how big a deal they make of this apocalyptic event

2.  the are coming back, i call shotgun!!!
then, two ladies inquired as to my well being: 

3.  my uncle freddie, sublimely has a padded toilet seat, he didn't notice a thing

4.  two wars, nato strikes, hurricane Irene, stocks are down, uemployment up... now a freakin earthquake.... i'm gonna go play golf

5.  i checked on my pet human during the quake, and used the opportunity to pilfer it's lunch....

6.  i made sure the household was outside ~ quakin n shakin' ~ merrily had free run o da place... massive

   pausing long enough to do a public service announcement: 
7.  RT @PronetworkBuild  If you felt the at all, the USGS wants to hear from you: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/dyfi/ 

8.  Bill Haley: Shake Rattle and Roll

9.  Micheal J Fox: "What quake?"

10. a moonshine still in Mineral, Va blows up, the whole area freaks out

11. the USGS has said "all the data is not in. we'll have to see how things shake out..."

12. reporters keep asking if animals acted strangely before the . it's a lil late to be worrying about that

13. no, the didnt scare me, i was too busy tryna snag the pet human's lunch....


  1. :-(( I didn't know stuff was being deleted. I find "new" twitter terribly frustrating, I think I was one of the last people to be forced over to it.

  2. 9. Micheal J. Fox: "What Quake" I'm still laughing. Something deep inside tells me it's not right, but funny is funny. What strikes me is that you wrote all these while wondering about aftershocks. The "I got shotgun!" was pretty good too.

    What quake? I gotta steal that one, do you mind?'

    I Tweet as @ProNetworkBuild

  3. Funny and mean. Love it!

  4. Here's a Very Funny Post by KB on her Blog, and my reply is below... Here's the link: http://kbowenmysteries.com/?p=1293#comments
    i also have her on my blog roll on the right.

    i was able to take advantage of the earthquake, by poking my head outside, and viewing the cat, dog, and pet human standing there like pillars of salt, i don’t know what they expected to see. my pilfering spirit kicked in, some might call it appetite, and noticed the Universe left me a fairly decent roast beef sandwich upon the coffee table, and since my favorite cartoon was also on the television, I availed myself of the Universe’ great generosity. the roast beef could have used a tad more mustard, and i left the lettuce and bread for the dog. he turned his nose up at it when he came back inside. i was so tired from my feast, i had to take a nap… the pet human mumbled something and ambled off into the kitchen … i think he was talking to himself, but i swore he said something about no more mayonaise, that was the last of it… his problem, i guess.

    my favorite tweet i posted on my blog, i wouldn’t know what sick demented mind thought of it, but it went something like this:

    ~~ Micheal J. Fox: What Quake?

    I tweet at @Samuel_Clemons