Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ferrets protest in hollywood

OK, OK, so I took some liberties with that headline. Actually, in California, ferrets are illegal, can you imagine? In 48 states, we can be carried around on your shoulder and won't jump off and spread our charms to other people, just leave us up there, and we are good to go...But walk around in Cali? OH NO!!  I feel like an outlaw going to Seven - 11 for a bag of snacks.  Hollywood has been using critters to make movies, commercials, manipulate humans through sheer adorability but we aren't legal? What, I have to move to Arizona to get a fair shake? Here's the clip: http://tinyurl.com/dc8a9q If you live in California, write Arnold, and remember to use sarcasm.


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  1. Hi! I am your newest follower and I am FLOORED that a ferret would be illegal in California! You HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!

    Ferrets are soooo cute! Hell, get rid of Lindsay Lohan and make HER illegal!!! MOL!! (which is cat-speak for "meowing out loud")

    Hope you will follow my blog Cat Chat at http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

  2. Sarcastic Sam will follow a cat blog? What will they say down the Army Post? What about my membership to the Sarcasm Association? It's like being seen in cartoons with Garfield.. Actually, that might make good copy... It's like striking up a friendship with Sylvestor the Cat isn't it? Where's my pill bottle.. Get me the number to my therapist.

    OK...I was a bit manic there for a second, I actually have a couple of pets: I have a pet human of course, quite spoiled, I feed him regularly. And I have a dog, who's really pretty stupid, I might be willing to adopt a cat vicariously through your blog.

    My therapist talked me down, I should post her number where I can find it.

  3. There are a lot of ferret injustices...like not enough shelters for those who become, dare I say it, unwanted. The ones I tried online when I was looking to expand our group were closed. I also heard they're illegal in Hawaii...which is just fine because those people already have the perfect weather, beautiful beaches and Don Ho so they don't get to have ferrets too or EVERYONE would wanna live there.

  4. My niece had cute little ferrets, one became sick so I gave her some high dollar skin care antibotic to care for the little critter. It did not live, I was very sad. Ferrets are quite cute and they will hide everything. I wouldnt mind having one, I know he would be adorable like Sam.

  5. I'll help in anyway I can!! Mr.Schwarzenegger had a ferret companion in Kindergarten Cop. You all should be able to have all the legalization just like us here in Michigan:)