Friday, September 24, 2010

senator of sarcasm gets 14 votes

wiggle wiggle I should get a few votes for keyword search and compelling headline ... back in the day, i used to spit tobaccy and write for a frisco paper...oooops that's mark twain.... i don't even wanna be compared to him besides, in my family, everyone is uncle freddie, they only call me samuel clemons cause i got grey hair.... oh, the reason for my post?  almost forgot it is FF  on twitter  forgetful friday and in honor of blogger's longest rambling entertaining sentence, i wanted to tell you:  look over on the right, see that widget sarcasm got 14 votes...i have been very proud of my sick joke that i rank dead last, and someone ruined my melancholy thus: "Sam, do you really rank last on ff I think the "> 1k" on your widget  means the top 1,000" that was Angela from Destin thanks angela, and there aint no easter bunny neither, can't a guy live a fantasy without all these human questions? so she ruined my dead last joke - hey it was funny to me -  my only consolation was to get it out of my system, and magnetically, habitually like a moth to a ferret burrow, write a cool sounding headline, and crack smarmy - longwindedly smarmy


  1. Last time I checked we always rank dead last on #FF @AdmitOneBoston , but I am your pal @GaryAdmitOne I rank pretty great there thanks to you every friday :)

  2. I don't even rate or rank on Follow Friday Sammy because I do a hey of a lot more than 50 tweeples #FollowMonday or #FollowTuesday, sometimes #FollowWednesday or pull a special #FollowThursday & then follow-up with #FollowFriday every single week.

    But it's ok, it's all gonna be alright! Because while ima the real deal 'not rankable' due to excessive #Follow tweets, it truly makes me feel good (something like that) to know I got the opportunity to shout a few hundred tweeples out and had the health and energy to do so. Sometimes the #oldladyitis typing fingers don't cooperate as well as I want them to.

    YOU SAMMY @Samuel_Clemons will always be top rated, first rated in my heart. I LOVE YOU, your friend @grammakaye on twitter.

  3. LOL. No one cracks smarmy like you, Sam. #endearingquality