Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TwitPic Widget For Blog or WebPage

Didn't think Sarcastic Sam would just let you get a few laughs, and then move on? Ha! Smoove Sam gots da skills baaaaaabyyyyy!!!  http://twitpic.com/widgets/designer is easy, and you can get your twitpic on easier.  Now in an earlier post, we showed me posing with the Queen and Paris Hilton, and I promise you more smarmy shots, but let's see this widget work, ok?  Here we go:

Now you can just switch your blog editor to html, cut/paste the html code, and switch it back to "compose" or design, whatever it is called on your blog. Also, in the widget above, there are two choices, of layout, I chose horizontal. Ferrets don't visualize vertically, we are short little critters.

And here is a widget for Follow Friday Rankings, which I rank dead last!

Now, that was a bonus widget, and I found that one just by ferreting around in my closet. I guess you have to be me to think that one was funny... Well, this widget http://www.followfriday.com/widgets is pretty cool if you are big into FollowFriday, something to keep you humans occupied. I judge a good FF if I only get unfollowed twenty times or less.

BTW, Follow Friday starts on Thursday, which means there is alot of activity on Wednesday, and I think you need to follow a few hundred people starting at Sunday Brunch, if they get around to following back by next week, you are beating the odds. Especially writers, they are more likely to be out behind their landlady's house working out the combination to a power line than actually following anyone back. Bunch of stoners.

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