Monday, September 13, 2010

Where Does Sam Get his Stuff?

Wow what a week.  Sam was terrified when he made a joke about taking meds...someone thought he was serious. Which is the risk of sarcasm, it makes people think....two or three times, and there is always an element of truth or seriousness in the delivery of good sarcasm. Sure it has a humorous finish, but the delivery is supposed to be direct.  Well, this Twerson actually gave Sam advise on medical procedures! Can't beat that for realism.

Sam uploaded a pic of Paris Hilton at some movie opening,  a pretty good example of a famous ferret. Poor ferret in the pic  looks like he's trying desperately to get away from Paris. You can see the pic at TwitPic.  Remember to spell Samuel_Clemons with an O and an Underscore.

One funny tendency of Sam's is to act like he has no followers, common jokes are " I GOT ONE!! I GOT ONE! " like some folks do when they get a new follower... Another funny post that seems to go over well is:  "I only need 199 more followers and I'll have 200"

More followers are tending to realize that Sam means them no harm, he can bite pretty hard when he fires off his stuff, but hey, if they unfollow it only hurts their own sense of humor, not Sam's.

A comic stopped by and made snarky about Sam only having one post hereto.  Well, let's just say Sam is parttime. He sleeps alot.  Oh, maybe 22 hours per day.  This means, he has such a good time sleeping, he couldn't be bothered with writing down the password to this blog.  So you know the drill, Blogger is owned by Almighty God, errr gOOgle.  And well, the password needed resetting, sorry for the lack of posts. Problem solved, Sam has stashed it in his sleeping bag. 

We'll see about updating it more regularly.  Sam is a writer, but to stay in character, he'll have to let you figure out where the real stuff is.  He doesn't recommend you get caught up on trying to figure that out. However, as a bonus, Sam is giving you two hashtags to follow on Twitter that will open up a whole new universe to your writing.

In the little white box on the right, the "search" box  type in  #blogchat  which is sponsored almost exclusively by LinkedIn members.  The twitterverse doesn't even know it exists, it's an inside job. The folks are no joke, professional bloggers, they get paid to do this stuff. One could do alot worse, and maybe get a job as a writer just listening to the tips in that format.  The members are intelligent, educated, and professional.

We tend to take ownership of information we find on Twitter, its all so free, and open and we automatically forget who sent us.  That will really open your eyes to some of Sam's talent, where he get's it, and how well trained at this sort of thing he is.  Remember to give Sam the credit on Twitter, and shout out any good stuff you find to him, so he can retweet you.  Remember, Sam has friends on Twitter and maybe your tweet will be seen by 60 or 70k followers.  So shout him out. 

Another one is #scriptchat which helps in character development and stick to it iveness required to follow through with scenes and characters.  #ScriptChat is no less beneficial, but Sam's advice to Scriptwriters is a bit more neurotic and character based than they are used to.  Sam uses homespun sayings like "that dog don't hunt" to spruce up movie dialogue.  That sort of thing is not what they need in #scriptchat, so he doesn't bother those folks much. 

I trust this writers' writer information is to your liking, and if not, well..... Sarcastic Sam would rather crack a few jokes on Twitter than tell you what he thinks if you don't like it.

Have a Sarcastic and Smarmy week!! 
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  1. Nice post. I'll have to check out that particular hashtag. Honestly, I almost always forget to use them when I tweet. I'm not too worried about it anyway. Twitter will be the next Myspace in a couple of years -- probably even worse since Myspace probably does have some independent content value (i.e. you would look up a Myspace page to read the posts and not just because your friends are on there) while Twitter probably doesn't.

    Thanks for following my blog, btw. I liked your comment too. I agree with you that the ending was a bit weaker than the rest of the article. However, in my defense, I would say that sometimes it's most obvious and simple points that seem to be missed or obscured by the media, much to my constant surprise and disgust.

    One example: if you'll recall, about a year or so ago, South Park came out with an episode that had pictures of Muhammad in it (another hugely offensive thing in Islam) and all of the same people condemning the Koran burning were praising South Park for essentially doing the same thing.

    In retrospect, I should have talked about that in my post. Oh well.

  2. Sam doesn't discuss theocratic dictatorships that stone women for being raped or plant seeds of discontent and hatemongering around the world..... he might elevate the rhetoric.

    The media is so slanted they would sled to work but they can't spell toboggan. Sam