Sunday, April 24, 2011

maybe i'm in trouble

visitor:  "i want to thank you for having us over for easter"

pet human:  "oh, my pleasure.  have you met sam?"

visitor:  "where are my keys?"

pet human:  "he's something else" (laughing)

vistor:  "you're not kidding"  (appalled look)


they did it all for me!  so nice of them.  such a lovely spread.  i really love my pet human.  sometimes.

                                                     my spread

but my favorite part is the blueberry pie....

pet human:  "don't show sam the pie, he will snuggle you to lure you in..."

visitor:  "he's really cute.  but he seems to be very....very..."  and tapered off.   my look stifled the remainder of the comment.  we'll never know where that was going will we?


the sound of coffee cups and conversation in the other room were my cue. 

i eased the slice of pie off the table.  down the chair.  and started across the living room.

pet human and visitor, simultaneously:  "oh my god! he's dragging the pie across the carpet!!!!" 

                                              maybe i'm in trouble


  1. No way possible that you're in trouble! One look from those cute little eyes, one glance with that cute little pink nose pointed in their direction (be sure to lick the blueberry off it first if possible) and you're in the clear!

  2. Were you covered in blueberry sammy? Get that punk rock ferret look? LOL! You give "da look"? I'm sure your not in trouble w your cute blue punky fur! How could your human get mad? Your too cute!!

  3. They wanted you to have the pie. No doubt about it. Love reading ferret adventures. Muah!

  4. Lol. I hope your pet human has dark carpet. I was rooting for you to get the pie all along.

  5. A blueberry pie-eating ferret, eh? Love it, Sammy! :)

  6. Your Human wanted you to have that pie all along, else they wouldn't have stepped away all together to make coffee;)

  7. Oh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy....terrific story and by the by and by the way, there is this very confusing commercial from the Hershey chocolate people about try outs for the Easter Bunny & chocolate Cadbury creme filled eggs. Quite shocking who showed up to auditon, but no ferrets, & no Sammy, no Uncle Fred, I sighed with relief, no squirrels either. Had to have been a 'war' day!