Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i saw this tweet, and i'm a ferret, so i can't keep my nose out of anything:

NBCNews Twitter disables new version of website. Read more on service disruption: http://on.msnbc.com/eWTG... 

well this got me going, and so i tweeted them: 

Me: hey, administrative asst who handles @NBCNews if the story is by Reuters? Give them credit. Don't make it sound like NBC. #integrity

NBCNews Twitter Logo
  NBCNews: @Samuel_Clemons Good point. Thanks for feedback.

Me: ok. thx. now i want my own morning show. RT  @NBCNews @Samuel_Clemons Good point. Thanks for feedback. 

sueTandT   <Ratings War!

MortalDEELight I see Reuters updates so often being followed by other tweets by MANY that have cut the originator off--I think "thief" 

Me:  a mere ferret squeaking in the wilderness @sueTandT @MortalDEElight raging against the machine #martyr

Me:  they wouldn't call it plagiarism @MortalDEElight over at @NBCNews by failing to mention Reuters ... Didn't want to ReTweet the Competitor.

MortalDEELight A tiny, unconstrained ferret can do a lot of damage all on its own. @Samuel_Clemons @sueTandT

NBCNews:    @Samuel_Clemons Not a matter of retweeting competitor. That link was to our site but story was from Reuters. Should have been clearer. 

Me:   i appreciate your quick response, and respect you for that. @NBCNews i am no purest. see it from others, didn't expect if from NBC. 

Me:  you know, i'm a big supporter of @JimmyFallon right? @NBCNews he's the second best looking ferret on the planet. 

Me: I followed you Back: @NBCNews

No Socks were pilfered in the making of this Blog Post.  JimmyFallon is still the second best looking ferret on the Planet, and devilishly good looking.  Be it hereby known that ferrets are full of courage, and fear no living creature.  Do NOT attempt these stunts at home.  If you must rage against the machine, attack each other, point out each other's faults, get all bipolar, passive aggressive and maybe the sheer volume of your tweets will get you a trendy topic.  If anyone has seen a TV remote missing the mute, volume and on - off switch, it's probably best not to try to adjust the volume on your set, or buy a new remote.  If I have to chew the buttons of the new remote, it will resemble a dog chew toy left over from the Dog Whisperer's Pack.  What network is he on, I wonder?  

 This blog post dedicated to @FallOutGrrl and The Doc.  



  1. Exactly why I have replaced TV time with you--inspiring authentcity and much more entertaining. Xo

  2. maybe they'll retweet one of my blog posts one day... "Ferret Deciphers Secret Mayan Code....More News at 11"

    i didn't know they were gonna follow me!!

  3. I think you should have your own morning show, Sammy! Great way to start your day.

  4. I'm Team Sammy! Morning show would just be the beginning!

  5. While you would shine as only a starcan; on a morning show. it could hurt your campaign for President, hamper your sock business & take your eye of the mayan issues. However it most definatly will pay better! Hugs sueTandT

  6. I've seen this before with different species of birds - a duck and a goose I once knew...poor things were shunned by the rest of the birds on the farm, but that was just fine with them, because they'd rather be alone with each other than just plain alone.

    As for a morning show, I can see it being a daytime version of the nighttime wars Jay Leno and David Letterman were in...are you battle ready Sam?? Because there are others out there who are gonna know at a glance that your wiggle is a threat to their ratings and we all know how those TV people can get when they feel threatened...or at least those of us who have seen Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy know, it's an ugly business. Hey, how about a morning Twitter show? Have some Twitter guests...take some tweets and possibly some calls...you could be Twitter's ferret version of Larry King, but without the suspenders and the freakishly weird skin. :)

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