Monday, April 23, 2012

More Likes than any critter on da planet

my plan is simple: i will get more facebook "likes" than any critter in da Universe.

now, now, don't go to thinkin' "uh, oh. another of Sam's crackpot dat time he attempted to corner the Pop Tart Market during the hurricane"  no, this one will work, i'm tellin' ya!!

i figure dat lil button on facebook is addictive.  we log in, and wanna see how many folks have mentioned us, or "liked" us, and stopped by for tea.  it's irresistible, we are compelled to click dat lil red button!

but not me.  by not clicking it, i have found that it keeps going up and up and up... the possibilities are endless... i'm going for a gazilliontrillion likes, to see if the lil red box get's any bigger, or facebook just tries to crowd the figure into the same sized box... kinda like wondering if the Odometer on the car really goes up to a million

this just in, Mary my detractor:  "But Sam, it doesn't mean you have any more likes, only that you are saving them all up?"

Oh, Mary, you and your tractors.  at least i am resisting the urge to click dat button!


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  1. Sam you are so incredible irresistable... I dont know why they wouldnt hit that like button... or hang that cute little photo of yours on their mirror in the bathroom and melt their hot kisses all over it...

  2. Given your comments about Mary, I conclude your still checking your likes & comments but via an alternate medium such a email. So in typical Sammy form you are enjoying the best of all circumstances. Oh my just had a dreadful though what if Facebook thinks your a dormant account...???

  3. Lol. I'm liking you already, Sammy. :)

  4. Let us know how high a number you get! :D


  5. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.