Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cover to cover

just an expression, right?  i read that book "cover to cover"

there is another expression: "don't judge a book by it's cover"

let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth!!

just like we are judged on our appearance, just like the "clothes make the man" well  books are sold based upon their covers!  why do you humans think the saying even exists! funny, you humans are - how many times have you purchased a novel or paperback b/c the publisher had the good sense to spend some extra bucks on a nice looking cover?

if you are a published author, or just beginning, than take the time to learn that the cover is going to sell your books

ferrets already know this:  humans are shallow incredibly easily influenced creatures, and we just dance and wiggle our way into their hearts, so take a lesson from a ferret, take the time to think about your book cover...

oh! this just in!  Mary from Anchorage:  "Sam, but I want to sell an eBook, covers don't matter do they"    Me:  Mary, how cold is it up there anyway?

twitter research has shown that people choose to follow based upon what? you guessed it,  photo first, profile second, content third, everyday, millions are followed because they have a cool pic!  how shallow and superficial is that...

learn to utilize the superficiality of humans by creating a great cover

just one of many cover packages, there are many more.... 

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