Thursday, December 16, 2010

why not follow back?

when you stop to think about it, as i unfollow unproductive tweeps this morning, why not follow back?

some ferret has taken the time to follow you, isn't that flattering?  isn't that the premise and purpose of twitter?  if you look up any "how to" guide or article on twitter they all say  to "follow" people of like interests and like profiles to find commonality amongst strangers and to build a rapport with them, and this is constantly the recurring theme

now someone takes the time to follow us, and we then turn our noses up at that, and say, "i'm not going to follow back?"  which i find simply undemocratic, judgmental, and weird... now there are pervs out there whackos and bi polar idiots, and you know who you are, you can live in denial, but that is another issue.. ha! i had to get that dig in... 

the weirdos? yea, unfollow them, i get that part, but are we using superficiality and our common sense in a balanced approach?  are we racially profiling? specie profiling?  am i not following a cat, simply b/c she is a cat?  am i completely ignoring all the ducks?  this is not what God intended for the animals in the barnyard to do... if the duck quacks good morning, am i to ignore him and stick with my stupid group of ferrets most of whom have become a bit odd in their idiosyncratic habits anyway?

i think the purpose of twitter is to expand our horizons to think of new ways of crossing over out of our comfort zone into new areas of commonality and it does a fairly good job of that efficiently and intelligently.  i use it to do this very thing, i don't want just writers on my timeline.... half the battle of writing is living anyway, i have to live an experience, i can't be tethered to my desk, i have to go out and meet ducks, geese, horses, travel to distant burrows, find out what the world offers in order to write about it  so why would i want a timeline with nothing but deskbound writers?  i have to cross into new areas of commonality and broaden my market shall we say, and bring laughter and ferret cool to new people who have not yet enjoyed my unique charms

it is up to each ferret to find her/his duck ... next time someone that you do not think is your "type" and you  DO NOT WANT TO FOLLOW BACK   follow them anyway...  give it a shot

here's an article below on Unfollowing Unproductive Tweeps 

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  1. I really wish my brain could handle following hundreds . . thousands of people . . but it can't.

  2. Thanks for the furry ferret 'pep talk' Sam. I won't make excuses and just tell you, "I'll give it a go!" Do you know any decent horses to follow on Twitter? I haven't seen any there.

  3. well Librarian to the Mayans: Screenwriter and Equestrian Buff, @MuseInks may have a horse or two in her timeline. Then again, they could just be horses, posing as humans. The thing about a horse is that they are forever trying to type with their noses, and their hooves tend to smash the laptops to bits. So they use a form of "Snort Translastion Software" or STS.. Now what happens is when they order this, they have to snort into the telephone, and on the rare times the software company get's it straight? Something like: "Did you just snort STS? Look funny guy, we don't sell Cadillac's OR Lincolns..." and the horses have to go out for a good run to work off their frustrations.

    I hope this helps.

    sam ed.

  4. Excellent! Loved the STS thing will follow through immediately before I forget! Thanks

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  6. I'm taking snort-dictation from my Percheron, who is unhappy with me introducing a (o, the ignominy!) *PONY* into his pasture yesterday:

    "Don't want a Cadillac.
    Don't auto-followback.
    But right now this wee fellow
    Is harshing my happy mellow.
    Does it mean that I'm a thug,
    'Cause I want to squash the little bug?"

    ~untranslatable sounds and squeals~

    I think we need to upgrade to STS 2.0. :D


  7. Sammie, I put a comment in & then accidentally clicked to another blog o yours & now I too tired to re-type it. I was kayereads on twitter but now I am @grammakaye on twitter.

  8. I live with a Jack Russell terrierist, a Labrador (non)retriever, a rat & 2 gerbils. How could I not follow a ferret? Same user name on Twitter as on Google+