Sunday, December 19, 2010

where have all the sexy cops gone?

it seems the Czech police are utilising an ingenious way to slow traffic:  they are posting cardboard cut outs of sexy female police officers on the side of the road clad in miniskirts!  so successful are these scantily clad cops that drivers are running off the side of the road, and the cardboard vixens are causing accidents.

in an effort to cut down on the accidents caused by these roadside hazards, my uncle freddie has been stealing all the cut outs, so that people don't get into fender benders.

when i happened upon his ferret burrow full of mini skirt clad female cops and asked what the heck was going on, my uncle freddie didn't mention the accidents right away, or the fact that he was actually trying to do a public good,  his comment was:  "they looked cold standing out there in the snow, i just want to help them get warmed up..."

i think my uncle freddie is about as eccentric as they come

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