Saturday, December 11, 2010

two dogs

i don't drive often, it involves hanging onto the steering wheel for dear life, and i look rather cartoonish, swaying my rear paws around; could not bare the thought that i might be seen in so precarious a light; yet this manic travel method does not stop me from taking in the scenery, human or otherwise - today, i saw two dogs, both of whom saw me first and engaged me in such a way that i have not shaken them from my mind, they are imprinted there for this moment, and now herein; the first a cute little barker, just walking down the street, but he started at seeing me, his movement catching my eye, earnest in his appeal that i notice him, all white and fluffy and such a darling critter, calling out to me, "see me, i am here, why do you get to drive a car, and i have to take my human for a walk" so that i slowed and smiled out the window at the sight, and his human noticed me then, and realized he had been barking at me, saying hello, and was pulling her toward me, and willing to help me drive, at least he was willing to give it the good ol' college try, he wanted to help, i had to keep on with my journey, and the shared experience was special for the three of us, his owner smiled back, and he turned around and followed me with his head and shoulders longingly, lovingly, a fellow critter on this earth out for his morning walk, so happy to know each other, if only in that instance;  i thought about him, as i drove, thought what a special thing to do, until i got onto the highway, and my passion for driving was tempered somewhat by the flow of speeding cars, and having to pay attention ahead, not allowing myself the thought that i can't even reach the pedals, on cruise control, focused, and then it happened again;

the second dog was staring at me

not at the road, or his human, but at me, out of the corner of my left eye, a tall, shaggy breed, centered upon me, clearly staring, clearly entertained that i could drive a car, and he too, barked in salutation, but this time i could not hear the bark, only see the movement of his jaw, and thought it very strange that two dogs only minutes apart could call out to me, and communicate so well with me across the road each time, through a closed window, as i drove, and how unique a world we live in, where all the busy details melt away, and we are left with special instances which uplift us, and at other times we might take for granted; yes, indeed, the world for me today, has been a special one, shared with two dogs.

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  1. Good Post...

    People say life has many colours, so it is...but how much pleasuring are these colours are decided by our faith, our beleive...I mean It is our beliefs +ve or -ve that show us life's different colour!!!

  2. allways and never drive.