Monday, February 14, 2011

blimps and drag queens

"don't be a drag,  be a queen"  ... lady gaga's lyrics associated with "dance music" is certainly that; 80's oriented, purple haired, disco thumping dance music:   i am sure she gets lots of airplay in gay bars around the world..  

my favorite moment of the grammys was a colorful plume of feathers with skinny gwyneth paltrow serenading...  the eruption on twitter sent me into a laughing spree not seen since i saw my uncle freddie slip on the ice patch, and take his masseuse down the driveway with him, cursing and yelling obscenities at all the injustices of winter...

                                one look at the blimp in feathered plume?
                                                      i was done 

   i have a great way for you to vote for someone who really deserves our vote:


this is a vote for @leeannesavage  for "most popular" in tucson.  now leeanne is just the 'all american girl next door' you wanna vote for.  someone who is leading the 'most popular' category.... everyone wants to back a winner, and leeanne is a winner!!

                                 here's the link to vote for LeeAnneSavage: 


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  1. Wow!!! Last time I saw THAT many feathers in one place, someone had assaulted a peacock!!! Someone should press charges...or at least an outfit for the poor guy to change into. *LMAO*

  2. I voted for her, Sam. Whatever it takes to help. If you need anything let me know. I will retweet your link, or her link to the Tucson landing page. It really was easy. You're a good ferret, and funny, too!!