Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i wuv u haters

  ferrets dance, we wiggle, we are hard to depress, normal things don't get us down like they might a human pet.  sure we don't like it when humans try to steal our ill gotten loot;  but that isn't going to get us upset.  if i steal your sock, you should just move on, it's mine.

  so i have a few haters, yea.  it really rankles them that i wiggle, i giggle and stay sarcastic at all hours of the day and night.  i could easily fall into the trap of hating back.  "sam, you can't sing, you must be tone deaf"  i just got a tweet like that a few minutes ago.....

  various replies come to mind:  "neither can you..."   or  "your momma sings pretty well"  or another traditional reply  "&%#@ You"  might work well here.

  regular readers know i keep a clean profile, and even in my worst state of mind, i don't resort to that type of language.


  haters hate it when  we don't hate back.  it's remarkable they even try..  how do they explain that rationally to their colleagues or spouse...

   "jim, what ya doin'? what's got you so worked up....?"

    jim:  "oh, this darn ferret on twitter, always dancing and bragging he's so awesome, and good lookin...  can't stand this critter..."

   colleague or spouse:  "let me see...."  leans over laptop...
   "well he is mighty cute..."

   jim:  "not you too!"

   "jim, you probably need therapy...."

    it is quite possible that there is something wrong with jim, but who am i to point out that he's arguing with a ferret?

    i can't help it God made me so good lookin'.


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  1. Lol. No, you can't help it. Just embrace your beauty and accept that some people are mean, and the Big It has a special punishment for them. Tomorrow, they will wake up, and they will be them.

  2. I am personally a big fan of the ferret philosophy. And just remember whether folks love you or hate you, you are memorable!

  3. I hate it when haters spread their hate by saying hateful things in hateful hater ways.....hate. Sam I love your wiggles and dances and nosey rubs. You are handsome and perfect and I hope you never change. I don't keep it clean so I don't mind saying for ... "Hey you haters go Fu...intercourse yourselves!!!!"

  4. As a lover of ferrets, I must say that anyone who hates them has a serious defect and should be sent back for repairs or refurbishing. Even when they're up to their worst antics, if you're not laughing at them, there's obviously a part of your soul that's missing...and in THAT case, I have just the contact to make the necessary recalls. You just send me their names and leave the rest to me. :)

  5. I have to agree with FallenAngel ferrets are the best. keep ~wiggling~ and giggling Sammy.