Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the winter of discontent

today i rec'd a tweet from a gentleman who said, "You make jokes about Egypt, my nation you idiot! I'm not Egyptian, I'm Arab."

it's hard to refute that sort of logic

i have had a pretty hard time getting anything to paper lately. TracyLynnP passed on to heaven, and out of respect i did not put pen to paper for a few days. she would have wanted me to write something, so i put together two installments of my winter story. but then the chronology was out of whack, and the beginning would be the last piece, and has to be rearranged, so i just threw my hands up, and worked on another project, which is a dangerous precedent.

yet nobody has seemed to have noticed in the least, or asked me, so i guess it really didn't bother anyone.

i have been the victim of monster storms which left me powerless... no electricity. but then i look at folks like @LukeRomyn an author down under, he tweeted that the cyclone was hitting hard, and he was still tweeting.

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and i have my new years resolution: to write daily. so i have kept my word to myself, if i fudge the numbers a bit, i have averaged one post per day, since i posted more than two blog entries on some days in january.

things are settling down. has a new post, @TheCriticalPost on Twitter wants me to finish a piece on the blackbirds, @PiperBayard has me as subject content next week, and well, it's time i find it within myself to get back on schedule.

thanks for reading and stopping by, i cannot tell you how much fun it has been each day to laugh again, and to share a moment or two with each person whom i've met.

even those who think i'm an idiot


  1. Sam! You are no idiot! I have found you to be generous and helpful and knowledgeable about all subjects having to do with the internet. You are much more intelligent about things than you let on. Your sarcastic bits are not always understood for their thought provoking nature.

    I suspect, that the person was just touchy about his own identity, since his tweet made little sense anyway. Don't take it too seriously, my fuzzy friend, for every over sensitive fool out there with their own issues, there are probably hundreds who laugh everyday and change their outlook because of you and your humor.

    I know you don't always feel like entertaining people, and you probably have way too many things to do than get on Twitter and crack jokes. And if you ever stop, do it because it's time to move on, not because some person calls you names.

    Thank you for all the things you have shown me by your example, and your unwavering loyalty to your friends, which is the greatest lesson I have ever learned from anybody so never give up on anyone. Thanks again. Jean

  2. If you're ever down, Sam, and need a snuggle, remember that you've got people standing in line to give them...heck, at this rate, you might wanna install one of those Take-A-Number thingamajigs (that's a technical term, not to be used lightly) that the delis use just to keep some order. As for the haters, well, they're always gonna exist and some days it's easier than others for their comments to bounce off of us. On those days that they don't, you just search out some snuggles... :)