Tuesday, February 8, 2011

wiggle for me baby

early yesterday, i discovered i had about 400 votes on some site called flaxo http://tweeter.faxo.com/Best_of_Twitter2011/02

now, it must be some automatic feed or something, or they gather their votes from various sources, but i find it hard to believe that so many people would take the time to vote for a ferret as the "best of" anything

so i hovered over the vote button to see what would happen, and voila' next thing i know, the site is blasting a tweet to my timeline that i voted for myself!  imagine my embarassment

but like dancing a merry dance till i fall off the sofa, i just went with it, can't let something like that befuddle me

but oh was i befuddled.  very odd day, i don't know if anyone noticed it, but i was restless, out of sorts, and not myself, didn't even give any tips, well, ok, i gave a dating tip:

          Dating Tip: inflammatory bowel or chronic flatulence are not good conversation starters

"Sam, are you going anywhere with this blog post?"  Ann, the evil censor from Ann Arbor just wrote.   She's so vain, she probably thinks this blog is about her, her, her... that was my carly simon imitation.    

ann, your city is not named after you, you are not supposed to be reading my blog everytime i hit "publish" or save and run to make coffee.

so my tips have been compiled in a handy to use, carry with you sort of list.  now, granted, you are probably going to meet the person of your dreams, run off to paradise, have little babies and farm animals, and never read my blog again, but such is the risk i take putting these gems together and out there.  Sams Dating Tips

my post yesterday was  a plug for @HylaMolander s new book. a person going through renewal, coping, and living.  gotta check that out. 

i was also mentioned in @PiperBayard s blog post along with host of cool people, you don't wanna miss that read.  a funny author, with a light easy going style, you have to read her posts.  she is quite the diversion from everyday "befuddledness" a word i can see by my spell checker that i apparently just made up.  you'll see what i mean, read it here:  http://piperbayard.wordpress.com/

maybe the odd feeling comes from being a victim of too many wiggles, snuggles and poptarts.  obviously, there are folks who mention me, and i don't reciprocate, who get no mention or i get sidetracked, and forget to mention them, and i feel guilty, and by the time i go to mention them, they are 300 tweets down my inbox, and well, i'm a ferret, i find something fun, and plunge.

to all of you, who say hello, and take the time to tweet me, and are kind to me for no reason i'd like to say i do read your comments, i do see them, and i want to so very much get back to you.

keep wiggling all of you, and don't stop wiggling to see if i am wiggling back, just wiggle anyway, and dance, and keep on dancing, the smile will come, and it will bring out the best in you, the best in all of us.

remember, sometimes i'm in that state of befuddledness, and when one ferret starts wiggling, there is no telling what kind of fun might occur!

 so you wiggle for the both of us 


  1. There is no limit to your output. You just keep on going don't you? I know you are busy, frankly, I am surprised that you find the time to tweet at all, let alone post to blogs, keep up personal websites, and travel the world in search of Big Foot. All for a few wiggles?

    I don't know how you got 400 votes either, haven't called the owners of that site to determine how they calculate all that, but you probably have alot more people enjoy your stuff than you think.


  2. Thanks for the shout out, Sam. *blushes* You're an awesome blogger and tweep, and you always keep me laughing. Wishing blueberry poptarts your way!

  3. Sam, as I've tried to tell you before, you are more special than you give yourself credit for...which makes you all the more special - it's a vicious special cycle. You're one of the faces I look for when I log on to Twitter...just seeing you there means that the universe is at least in partial rights and I can carry on about my day with that comforting knowledge. Keep wiggling and we'll keep watching, trying to warn you about the edge of the sofa just before you do a mid-air twist as you hover momentarily over the floor like a Wyle E. Coyote short, making us laugh so hard we can't even ask if you're ok with any semblance of sincerity. :)