Sunday, February 27, 2011

q r code

think of a QR code as a sign that points the way from the virtual to the physical world... a sign that is creating a revolution in the U.S. mobile phone market

we can post a QR code to each post, not just to our blog.

for instance, a member of #blogchat  has a blog, and her last two posts are on Palin and An Alma Mater article.  we were in #blogchat and i mentioned using a QR code, not just for one's home page, but also for each post.  and Shannanners


replied asking for clarification, so i whipped together this blog post, not too bad for a sarcastic ferret: 

                                           Here is the first on Palin:  

                                           Here is her Alma Mater QR Code

thus, she can  a.  "save image as"  the above code (right click with mouse)
                      b.   insert the image into the bottom of each post

and is now ready to direct people with smartphones, iPhones or webenabled phones to those pages.

in conclusion, we can adapt the QR  code to each URL.

Create Your own QR Code by Entering the URL Of your Blog Post

happy blogging.


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  1. You are such a tech-savvy ferret! I don't own a smart phone, but there's no reason I can't cater to those who do...putting the power in the palms of their hands...wait, I think I just plagiarized a commercial. Oh well, I'm sure they're happy to get the plug, right? :)