Tuesday, March 1, 2011


“SAM! SAAAAAMMMM!! I know you're not sleeping, quit fooling around...”

I lay motionless, and looked directly into my pet human's eyes.... knowing exactly what was coming...

“Sammy, you rascal, …...just going out. Do not... I repeat DO NOT go on any adventures, and stay out of the barn, I know full well you've been in there, I've caught you 4 times this week, do I make myself understood?”

Of course I understood, which meant that I heard, “Don't get caught”

I came out of my fake nap pose and wiggled and jiggled my tail and pranced around the room with delight. I had the afternoon to myself!

By any standards Harriet was a nag. No real purpose left, she was retired, and never came out of the barn. Old, a bit arthritic, Harriet was half blind, deaf, and simply withdrawn from the barnyard. Every chance I got, I would go out to pull on her rope.

“We will probably have to take Harriet away, Sam, one day soon, she is lost to us, buddy” my pet human told me, a week ago. “When we can schedule her, we'll either call the Vet, or take her out for the last time, Sammy.”

The other horses were loose when the pet humans came home that day, roaming the yard, with me in the barn, pulling on Harriet's tether in my teeth. She looked down at me with sad eyes, more sniffing me, than seeing me, ignoring the humans as they walked up and scooped me up.

“Sammy, you are the most adventuresome critter God ever set on this planet. You are so naughty”.

So this day was no different, when my pet pulled up, there was another car behind, the horse Vet, come to take Harriet away from us, I knew.

They had caught me again, pulling on her rope for all I was worth, determined that if I could just get Harriet to understand, that if I could get her to move, and come out of her stall, I'd run away with her, and we could ride and enjoy the sunshine, and the humans would know she was still alive, they wouldn't take her away from me.  I was desperate. “Come on Harriet, let's go!” I cried to her.

Harriet sniffed me.

Harriet sniffed the air.

And Harriet yanked her head up, carrying me roofward all of a motion.

Since I didn't let go of the rope, when she jerked up, I flipped upward, and landed squarely on Harriet's head.

And Harriet walked out of that barn right past the pet human, and Vet, both wide eyed.

They knew, Harriet knew, and I knew.  Harriet would be with us for many more rides, even if she'd only carry a critter. 

“Silly ferret” Harriet said to me. “I wanted to carry you. I wanted you to ride ~ not pull on my rope.”



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  1. Here you are, again, trying to save someone who has lost the desire to dance in life. Be it ferret to horse or human to human, your heart is exquisitely open to the lessons reflecting back at you from the souls you help.

    You are one beautiful ferret.

  2. Sam, you truly are one special creature...seems you've been chosen to remind us all not to forget to dance. :) And like Harriet, we're all blessed to know you.

  3. we all find out lessons and inspiration wherever the Universe chooses to deliver them. Harriet taught me her lesson and in her own time frame. she wasn't going to be told what to do at her age, but even in her stubborness she loved me anyway...

    btw? the view from up there was spectacular!!

  4. Ahh Sam, thank you.

    I needed Harriet. My heart has been heavy lately and this made it lighter.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  5. ahhhh crap Sam you damn near had me crying over here. Such a sweet story and horses are my weakness. Thank you for writing this and making me smile big hug and nosey rub to you :)

  6. Love it! Thanks Sam. I think we all need to pay attention when someone who cares about us pulls on our rope, whether it's a lively ferret or a pet human. It's not good to always stay in the barn.

  7. I did cry Sam & from the bottom of my heart thank you for saving Harriet and thank the Universe Harriet gave you the message. I identified with Harriet as an old gal simply not ready to get put down. I identified with you persistent in engaging the gal outta that barn with a good hearted loving ferret riding high!

  8. Way to go HRA. With a story like that, you definitely earned the title His Royal Awesomeness. I'm sure you and Harriet will have many more adventures together.