Sunday, March 6, 2011

ferret's bane

ouchdammit listed on the "Mayan List" above tab, has now, and is hereby, forthwithforevermoreheretonow been promoted to ferret elf commander of intelligence gathering; and all around good scout elf.  it is not hard to see why this auspicious title should be bestowed upon her, and we owe her a gratitude of debt that shall likely not be repaid before the Mayans return and sweep us away into the heavens.  i fear not that she shall wear her rank and promotion with the honor and courage that she has shown and have complete confidence in her. i leave you to view the evidence of this new found renown. follow the beautiful elf commander

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  1. So proud of her Always knew she would attain greatness

  2. Forthwithforevermoreheretonow ... that seems rather definite and long term....I't is important that you bestow titles upon your friends. What will I be called?

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