Wednesday, March 16, 2011

drunkest i ever got

trending topic on twitter:  #drunkestievergot  ...  now, having practiced ferret wordsmithery for a bit, i thought to myself, i said, "self,  drunkest is not a word..."   so i did me a bit a lookin' up and found quite a few cinnamons for drunk: 

- besotted [archaic], blind drunk, blotto, crocked [N. Amer], cockeyed, fuddled, loaded [N. Amer], pie-eyed, pixilated, plastered, slopped, sloshed, smashed, soaked, soused, sozzled, squiffy, stiff, tight, wet, trashed, pickled, bombed, legless [Brit], liquored up [N. Amer], stewed, juiced [N. Amer], wasted, three sheets to the wind, tanked up, hammered, trolleyed [Brit], fried [N. Amer], bladdered [Brit], stinko, blitzed, out of it [Brit], stonkered [Austral, NZ], steaming, mullered [Brit], lit, paralytic [Brit], bevvied [Brit], pixillated, squiffed, half-seas-over [Brit]

all being quite funny, yes, but not really usage of the word drunkest... so i found this:

Lexicographical Neighbors of Drunkest

drunken reveler
drunken reveller
drunken revelry
drunkest (current term)

Literary usage of Drunkest

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:
1. Biennial Report by California Dept. of Agriculture, California State Commission of Horticulture (1907)
"America Now Has the Distinction of Having the drunkest Army in the World, ... The United States Army is the drunkest in the world, according to figures ..."

2. Tahiti Days by Hector Macquarrie (1920)
"The youngest and the drunkest was sixteen. She gabbled in Tahitian, French and English, and finally shrieked for water. " Gimme warter— gimme warter," she ..."

3. Journal of the Senate of Minnesota Sitting as a High Court of Impeachment Eugene St. Julien Cox, Minnesota Legislature Senate by Eugene St. Julien Cox, Minnesota Legislature Senate (1882)
"A. When the jury came in that night, he was the drunkest I eve saw him in court, and the drunkest I ever saw him at any time; he wi extremely drunk. ..."

4. Library of the World's Best Literature: Ancient and Modern by Edward Cornelius Towne (1897)
"Prince Henry — O villain! thy lips are scarce wiped since thou drunkest last. Falstaff—All's one for that. [He drinks.] A plague of all cowards, ..."

5. The Freudian Wish and Its Place in Ethics by Edwin Bissell Holt (1915)
"When drunkest he babbles o' green fields, and blubbers, " See that my grave's kept green." A third way is no better. It is the way of those who undertake to ..."

and then it dawnned on me, what was bothering me, was not the word itself, or it's existence, but it was the usage .  i simply did not like the context here:   #drunkestievergot 

it should be "most drunk"  ....   i'm gonna have to get grammar girl on this.

what do you think?  do you think  #drunkestievergot was good grammar, bad grammar, or completely beside the point?   or maybe you want to comment on the Most Drunk You've Ever Gotten?

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  1. I think the person who came up with the hashtag might have had a few. Just at a guess.

    As luck would have it, I have no "drink until I pass out and chew off my arm the next morning to get away from that stranger I went home with" stories. I was always the person who pasted green stamps all over the faces of the people who did pass out.

    However, my most remarkable moment was probably on a trip to Mexico with a few other first year law ladies I knew. I decided to cut loose my last day and have two or three punchbowl-sized margaritas for breakfast. When my friends got me and my stuff to the airport, I was still a very happy girl. The guy at the check in desk asked for . . . something . . . I emptied my pockets and told him to take what he needed and leave the rest. I sang baudy songs on the plane, all the way back to the Rockies, to the glares of parents who were covering their children's ears (my bad). I continued to sing through the airport as my boyfriend led me to the car, loving the way I echoed off-key. Lucky for me, my boyfriend had money for parking because I didn't have a peso left to my name. Can't say if that was because of me or the guy at the airport, but I suspect it was me. Can you believe that boyfriend still married me?

    Thanks for your interesting post, Sam.

  2. I like the word "drunkest", but I use the words "leapt" and "dreamt" and my editor smacks me repeatedly when I do. I've been a bit drunk, here and there, now and then, but the worst drunkest (not the MOST, but the WORST)I ever got was when I told a family friend that his goatee made him look like Satan. And I didn't even mean it in the nicest way.

  3. My most drunken moment occurred at Luke's Lizard Lounge in Seaside, Oregon. Only my sisters were witness to it and that's all I'm saying. It did leave me with a fondness for lizards.
    How about you Sam?
    As for the rest of it, #drunkestievergot is a waste of 17/140 characters besides being poor grammar. Doesn't leave much room for description. Grammar, good or poor, isn't a hallmark of Twitter I am slowly finding out. :D

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