Wednesday, March 23, 2011

mickey hops a train

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A ferret has been rescued from an Edinburgh station after apparently getting off a train from London.

The male ferret, named Mickey by animal welfare officers, was found at Haymarket train station on Monday.

He appeared on platform four at about 1900 GMT when the train from London was in the station.
Staff Have Named the Ferret Mickey

Staff managed to catch the ferret, which is now being cared for by the Scottish SPCA. The animal charity is urging his owner to come forward.

Insp Jenny Scott, of the Scottish SPCA, said: "When I arrived to collect the ferret, the staff had managed to catch him and put him in a box.

"We're not sure if he has escaped from someone's house nearby or if he has ventured further and travelled all the way from England on the train.

"He's very friendly so he is obviously someone's pet.

"We'd love to return him to his owner as I'm sure they'll be missing him a lot."

The ferret is now being cared for at the charity's animal rescue and rehoming centre in Balerno.
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sam, editor's note: i think mickey was tryin' to find his poptart wrappers 

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  1. Suppose Uncle Freddie put him up to it?

  2. Hmph! I can't believe they're detaining this guy! He was obviously on his way to see someone and now they're gonna think he was abducted by aliens or something. Maybe he had to switch trains...they don't know...just scooped him up and put him on lockdown. He should sue...or at least protest right after stealing the keys.

  3. I think he was trying to get to the airport, hop a plane, and visit Sammy.

  4. awwww, so cute. wish i can pick on up at the mrt station here in singapore, hehe