Saturday, March 12, 2011

it's the small pleasures

i remember when Princess Dianna died.  in all fairness to me, i was suffering some malady, and i couldn't really do too much, but i sat in my bed and watched non stop 24 hour seemingly looped news,  starting at 1 or 2 oclock a.m. when the news broke.  this went on for a week until the long funeral ride to her final resting place, the images are just as vivid today.

and now we see the effects of japans tsunami created by the earthquake, and nonstop news is quite addictive, so i sail a new tack:  i won't watch it as much.  last night i was snooping around, i'm a ferret, i like to look for stuff.  perpetually searching, seeking, finding things. 

this left me having to steal a peep.  a yellow peep to be exact, and post a pic on my twitpic

Which prompted this from CarolynNicoleNot the YELLOW peep! Love those little marshmallow buggers. Looks like chicken tastes like sugar.

                                           when i was visited by wiggy!!

Me:  sup? @Wiggy_ you wanna you know, go steal a sock?

 MyEclecticBookSam, ok can you please start stealing both socks...the single sock mountain is taking over the house #singlesockmadness

Me: we live in a Universe with all left socks... @MyEclecticBook somewhere exists an alternate Universe of right socks. we need a #collision

baisebeige Wouldn't it be funny @Samuel_Clemons if the cosmic convergence is about the sock universes colliding. What do the Mayans think? 

Me:  The entire fabric of the Universe is about socks. 

thatgalkiki That explains why half of my world is always missing after a cleanse

 PiperBayard Yes. Especially the warm, fuzzy kind.

  baisebeigeHow come we never hear those hot shot quantum guys... @Samuel_Clemons... talking about the theory of opposite sock attraction? o_O 

   jlsimons Sam,  What does it say about me that my favorite socks are frayed, well-traveled, and warmer and softer in memory than in reality?  

 Me: LoL what does it say when highly intelligent ppl  discuss "socks" w a ferret ?

informedferret Sam,  that they iz bright enough to see sence in our obsession wif soxz.

baisebeige I don't have much choice about discussing the sock theory of everything with you @Samuel_Clemons I gave up talking to stupid people for Lent


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  1. Excellent reading my fuzzy friend! Well said. :)

  2. How do u manage to be funny in such a poignant situation but still be so touching... take a bow Mr. Ferretastic

  3. Overwhelming when massive destruction & tragedy hits, I too at a point have to turn off the TV, overload. Then keep a little track the next day and wonder where and when water, food, blankets for warmth will arrive. Please let it arrive in time and I'd love to comment about socks. We don't have a ferret, but we do have missing socks, a lot of them. Being pro-active and trying to match up socks as they go into the wash machine has helped only a little bit. I have a gallon size plastic bag I put the one lonely sock into until there are many, once a month I try matching them up which again helps a little bit. But for so many of the single socks, their mate never again appears. I am now positive there has to be a ferret space ship that knows how to zap them into outerspace, for as I was recently Spring Cleaning, there were no hidden socks under the beds, on closet floors, under the sofa or in the couch cushions. There certainly could be a huge sock story in all this.

  4. I love your Sock Theory of the Universe. It's true. It's all about the socks. Thanks for a terrific post, Sammy.